Cơm Gia Đình / Family Dinners
The Vietnamese family dinner is usually the heart of the family; where everyone comes together after a long day to share a meal. Everyone is expected to contribute to the dinner, from food prep, cooking, to setting up and clearing the table. For many families, this time is also about cultural retention – how do we pass along our family history and traditions through our meals at the dinner table?

For our 2019 Black April Commemoration, VAR collected a few family recipes along with the family’s refugee and immigration stories. We’ll continue to collect these stories for a community recipe book. To share your story, reach out to hello[at]varoundtable.org.

For sample stories and recipes, visit www.https://varoundtable.org/2019/05/11/com-gia-dinh-family-dinners/
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Short Family Refugee / Immigrant Story (150-200 words -- Tell us a little about your family - how did they arrive to the U.S., how did they rebuild, where are you now?)
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