Signature Campaign to demand the release of the prominent feminists from Mainland (Thank you for all the support! the 5 feminists were being released!)
The English Version

Initiated by The Association for the Advancement of Feminism (website:

(8th March 2015 ) Women and sexuality groups in Hong Kong express grave concern with the recent arrests by the Beijing authorities of five prominent female activists, including Li Tingting (李婷婷)(also known as Maizi麥子), Wei Tingting (韋婷婷), Wang Man (王曼) in Beijing, Wu Rongrong (武嶸嶸) in Hangzhou, and Zheng Churang (鄭楚然) (also known as Datu) in Guangzhou, but apparently with no solid legal ground. We urge the Beijing police to respect the freedom of speech as prescribed in the PRC Constitution, and ensure that the women’s legal procedural rights including rights to meet with lawyers and families, and rights to personal safety are strictly observed. We urge for their immediate release in so far as no sufficient evidence can be found to accuse them of any illegal act.

According to reliable sources, the arrest began on 6th March. At 4pm, Wei Tingting and Wang Man in Beijing were taken to the Beijing Haidian Police Station (北京市海澱區派出所) for interrogation. At 11.30pm the same day, five to six police knocked at the doors of Li Tingting in Beijing and Zheng Churan in Guangzhou. Beijing Police entered Li Tingting’s home by force and taken her away immediately. She has disappeared for more than 30 hours so far. As to Zheng Churan, she was taken to a local police station, questioned for eight hours, and transferred to a local guesthouse for house arrest. Updates note that she has been criminally charged of “picking quarrels and making troubles” (尋釁滋事罪) as prescribed in article 293 of the Criminal Code. She was later taken over by the police from the Haidian district of Beijing, and is now in Beijing. On 7th March, Wu Rongrong flew into Hangzhou from Guangzhou. At 2pm upon her arrival at the airport, she was immediately taken to the Hangzhou Xihu District Gudang Police Station (杭州西湖區古蕩派出所) for interrogation by Beijing National Security officials. At 5.10pm the same day, Wu Rongrong’s friends received a call from her with cries of pain. The line was cut almost instantly and could not be reconnected again.

We are extremely worried about the well-being of these women, and in particular the personal safety of Wu Rongrong. We wish to remind the Beijing authorities that Wu has been sick recently, and according to both Chinese law and international norms, it is the authorities’ obligation to ensure that Wu is provided with timely and effective medical treatment.

The International Women’s Day has 40th years of history. In China as in the world, it has been one of the most significant platforms for all to celebrate and to advocate for the promotion of gender equality with the affirmation of the equal rights and status of women.

As early as 1995, China took part in the organisation of the UN 4th World Conference on Women centering on the theme of "Action for Equality, Development and Peace”. Therein was endorsed the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. Then in one of his public speeches made last month, Xi Jinping stated openly that China would uphold gender equality as one of the basic national policies. It is obvious that the discussion and advocacy on women rights and related issues should not be seen as a taboo in China.

According to source of information, the arrests was triggered by the five young women preparing stickers printed with sentences in Chinese such as “Stop sexual harassment, let safety be with you, me and her” and “Run police run, arrest those who commit sexual harassment!”, which they planned to distribute on 7 March in the streets of the cities of their respective residence. The action was planned simply because they have learned that the All-China Federation of Workers would submit a bill to the two respective sessions of the National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Congress regarding sexual harassment in the workplace and the bill may be given some importance. The plan was hence derived by the activists as a means to bring public concern and also to call for the setting up of a mechanism to prohibit sexual harassment in public transport. We see the actions as planned rational and mild as strategies used everywhere by civil society worldwide for drawing public concern and as means for publicity and public education. It is a far cry from constituting the crime of “picking quarrels and provoking troubles” and any other allegations as noted in the Chinese Criminal Code. As such, we strongly question the legality and lawfulness of the current arrests by the Beijing police.

As a matter of facts, sexual harassment has been a social phenomenon in China continuously drawing attention and discussion. According to the survey covering four regions including Beijing and Guangdong done in 2011 by the Beijing Zhongze Women's Legal Consulting Services Center/ Beijing Qianqian Law Firm, sexual harassment had been affecting the daily life of 40%-60% of women in China. Among them 57.5% were young women between the age of 20 and 29, and most had chosen to either keep quiet or quit the job instead of reporting the cases. This problem has always existed with no less attention. In its Concluding Observations over China’s State Report, released on 7 November 2014, the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women has expressed concerns on the issues of sexual harassment in China, and urged the Chinese government to “ (a)dopt legal provisions that require employers to assume liability for sexual harassment at work places”. (Para. 37c)

In this light, we call for the Chinese government to look into the issues of social concerns genuinely, and resolve them with tenability by enhancing the standard of the laws and their implementation, instead of just maneuvering to quell the voice of the whistle blowers. We, the undersigned, would like to reiterate hereby our grave concerns of this recent series of arrests, and we will continue to monitor the situation unless the cases are handled with justice and activists are released.

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Total 1523 Signatories (updated as of 2015/4/22 9:00 Hong Kong time):

Name  | Affiliation / Position

Cheung Kwok Cheong  | Social Worker
Francine Chan  |
Ike cheung  | individual
ako adaza josephine  | human researcher
Sally Choi  | HKCTU
Peter Fok  | Social worker
Rachel Zeng  | Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign
Wan Leung  |
Alan Chan  | The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
JTeo  |
karma dupchen  | lgbt bhutan, admin and founder
Julian Liu  |
Lo yu  |
Minwoo Jung  | University of Southern California
Chloe Haimson  | Graduate student at UW-Madison
Maria J Azocar  | University of Wisconsin-Madison
Taylan Acar  | UW-Madison
Jedd  | /
Catherine  | University of Toronto
Cecilia Ho  | The University of Hong Kong/Postgraduate student
Joya Misra  | University of Massachusetts, Professor
Prof. Maud Lavin  | School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Bonnie Fox  | Sociology Dept., University of Toronto
Daniela Jauk  | University of Graz, Austria
Scholars Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity
Lucetta Kam  |
Yet Chor Sunshine Wong  | PhD researcher
Leena-Maija Rossi  | Executive Director
Xavier Tam  | HKUST
Barbara J Risman  | University of Illinois at Chicago
Stephanie Canales  |
Dany Seiler  |
Kimberly Benson  | University of Wisconsin-Madison
Katie Zaman  | Teaching Assistants' Association, International Socialist Organization
Patrick Huang  | Gender Activist
Laurel Teal  |
Tricia Leong  | -
Nona Gronert  | Graduate student, University of Wisconsin--Madison
Charlie Hore  |
Anna Muraco  | Loyola Marymount University
Cabell Gathman  | University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jess Brown  |
Pauline B. Bart   Ph.D  | SWS
Popo Fan  | Queer Filmmaket
Sonja Teupen  |
Shaonan Xi  | Macalester College student
David Hughes  | UNISON
Yihua Qian  | Macalester College student
Haruko Kudo  | Graduate student/ University of Oxford
JungJuYoung  | Tawnetwork
Roberta Villalon  | St John's University - NYC
Carrie Tilton-Jones  |
Jennifer Reed  | University of Nevada, Las Vegas
lynn ly  |
Vanessa Ho  |
E. Ornelas  | Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative
Michelle robinson  |
Joshua wright  |
Madeleine Pape  | University of Wisconsin-Madison
Naomi Mercer  |
Miriam Barcus  |
Kati Mustola  | Researcher
Dr. Myra Marx Ferree  | Professor of Sociology
Pak Geok Choo  |
Pilar Gonalons  | Goethe Universitat
wong sui lam  | nu tong xue she
Maggie Dickey  |
Adrienne Pagac  |
Ashleigh McKinzie  | University of Georgia
John Bell  |
Huixin Tian 田慧心  |
Casey Miller  | Visiting Assistant Professor, Bryn Mawr College
Kaona Saowakun  | ILGA Asia
Jungbum Hur  | Seoul National University
Alana  |
Judith Lorber, Ph.D.  | Sociologists for Women in Society
Jinhwa Lee  | Lesbian Counseling Center in South Korea/Activist
Jihye Kim  | Seoul, Korea
Harleen Saini  |
Jinhwa Lee  | Lesbian Counseling Center in South Korea/Activist
Jiang Shan  |
Inseop Lee  | LGBTQ Youth Crisis Support Center, DDingDong, Korea
Liz Ross  | Socialist Alternative
Awareness Respect Compassion
Shana Ye  |
Stephan Ortmann  | City University of Hong Kong / Visiting Assistant Professor
jieun park  | 121-870
Robin Hankinson  | Retired teacher
chong yee shan 張玉珊  | lecturer
Katja M. Guenther  | Associate Professor of Sociology, University of California, Riverside, UA
Sophia Tsanos  |
Sarang Lee  | Seoul, Korea
Alex Hanna  | University of Wisconsin-Madison
JONG HEE LEE  | the Korean Lawyers for Public Interest and Human Rights(KLPH)
Tan kong sau  |
Annie Cham  |
Annie Chan  |
Chui Hin Tung  |
Andrew Wolf  |
Garam Han  | Korean Lawyers for Public interest and Human rights
Minhee Ryu  | Korean Lawyers for Public Interest and Human Rights/Attorney at law
Lupy Li  | Taiwan Lgbt Family Rights Advocacy
Joyce Wong  | CUHK Social Work student
Min Soo Kim  | Seoul, Korea
pearl tse  | freelancer
鄧安怡  |
Therese Quinn  | University of Illinois at Chicago
Jin UM  | Ewha womans university
Eddie Yu  | HK CItizen
Hye-in Cho  | KLPH
Den  | S. Korea
Kumi Samuel  | Women and Media Collective, Sri Lanka
Ruin  | Korea Queer Archive / main archivist
Institute for Trans/Gender/Queer  | Institute for Trans/Gender/Queer
Kay Kwon  | Seoul, Korea
Chang Suh Yeon  | Human Rights Foundation GongGam/ Seoul, Korea
Dowha Kim  | Green Party Korea
Hyeok Kim  | South Korea
Jingchao Ma  | Villanova University
Liang Pui Kwan  | N/A
hyemin lee  | korea univ.
Frank Vigneron  | Chinese University of Hong Kong, professor
seo seonyoung  | Korean Lawyers for Public Interest and Human Rights
chan ka  | Queer Affirming Fellowship
Wong Yan wing  |
Leta Hong Fincher  | Author/Sociologist
Camilla Reuterswärd  |
dahye kim  |
Kwong hoi yan helena  |
ho kaming  |
thilaga  |
Michelle Siu  | Teacher in HK
Daniel Suarex  |
Kenneth Ng  | PhD Student, CUHK
Shiella Estrada (PLU-hk)  | Chairperson
law kwun kit  |
Sealing Cheng  | The Chinese University of Hong Kong
James Welker  | Kanagawa University/Associate Professor
Gao Wei  | Public Interest and Development Law Institute
Wong Lok Yee, Yvette  | Mphil Student (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Wang Yingyi  | r&B bisexual group
Media Monitor for Women Network  | Media Monitor for Women Network
Kong Yara  | CamASEAN
Cynthia Rothschild  | Independent human rights activist
Nara Lee  | Solidarity for LGBT Human Rights of Korea
Naureen Shameem  |
Horim Yi  | Solidarity for LGBT Human Rights of Korea
Solidarity for LGBT Human Rights of Korea  | Republic of Korea ( 4F, 8, Daeheung-ro 20gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul (121-809) )
Song Jeongyoun  | Lesbian Counseling Center in South Korea
Soohwan Kim  | Solidarity for LGBT Human Rights of Korea
yoon lee  | korea
Oishik Sircar  | Melbourne Law School
Suah Park  | -
Wong Ying Man  |
Tongyu Zhao  | School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Debolina Dutta  |
Kim Jina  | Ewha Womans University
Eli Friedman  | Cornell University
jiyong choi  |
박소영  |
Seoyoung Rhee  | Federation of Korean Trade Unions
kwok mei mei  | cuhk student
jisoopyun  | student
Jo Seoyeon  |
Indie  | korea Queer Festival
mule  | Korean womenlink
Libby rosa  | student
Ryan Calder  |
Sangmin Lee  |
Ashley K.  |
Smriti Nevatia, India  |
Ha Thanh Chu  |
Nankyung Choi  | Assistant Professor
香港女社工協會 Hong Kong Association of Women Social Worker
nahyun kwon  |
譚嘉瑛 Pat Tam  | 香港女社工協會
Jeong HYunHee  | SOGILAW south korea/ researcher
accul  |
Tse Tung  | HKied/Student
Yige Dong  | Johns Hopkins University
Carol Wu  |
Choi Seokjun  |
edith to  | aaf/member
Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights
Christopher Helali  | 华中科技大学
Billy Gong  | Graduate Student
jo eunbi  | s.korea
Amie Bishop  |
Agnes Ku  | HKUST
samantha  |
Seokjin Lee  |
김현철  |
Cammy Liu  |
So-hee Yang  | (individual)
Venus Chow  | Gender Studies Programme, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
aman  |
Charlotte Bunch  | Professor, Rutgers University
Kwangyee KIM  | Woman NGO in South Korea
Zann Wong  |
Areum Lee  |
Daniel Hyakin  |
Dhamini Ratnam  |
Simon Yu  |
Yujin Lee  | Green Party Korea
Rubi M  | Human Rights Activist
Christian Richard  |
Katrien Jacobs  | Assocaite Professo, Chinese University of Hong Kongr
Aditi Joshi  |
Narae  | None
Stephanie Bankston  |
BaekMa  |
Carol Isaac  |
Khadyja Reinhardt  |
Helena Ferchichi  | Teacher
Joseph Zhan  |
Jasmine  | Hidden Pockets/Founder
Bhavika Tekwani  |
Doun Moon  | KoFID
Ronika Mumbire  |
Mukami  |
Hannah Speidel  |
Julia Brnside  |
Shawn Shieh  |
Sara García Gross El Salvador
Phillipa Tucker AIDS Accountability International  | Co-Founder
Diverse Voices and Action for Equality
Chan Yuk Lan  |
Adhiraaj Ray  |
So-hee Yang  | (individual)
Lotta Samelius  |
梁志遠  | 香港理工大學應用社會科學系專任導師
prodhom  |
Sunil Pal  | Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development
Jerbert M. Briola  | Human Rights Online Philippines
Muhammad Arsalan Ashraf  | Researcher
John Alster Soriano  | Program Officer, Medical Action Group
Jyotsna Mohan  | Manager-Programs
Gomer Padong  | Beyond 2015 Philippines National Coordinator
Eugene Poon  | CUHK
Beckie Malay  | GCAP
so hin pui  |
Wong jok shan  |
Saartje Baes  | Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development
Dipyaman Adhikary  | Project Associate
Shikha  |
Sue Gronewold  | Kean University, Associate Professor
Min-seok Jeong  |
Claudine Claridad Tanvir  | Chairperson, Kabataan Kontra Kahirapan (Youth Against Poverty - Philippines)
Bilge Sahin  | Student
Annabel Perreras  |
Sejin Kim  | Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development
Jong Geol Lee  |
Soo Yon Suh  | Asia Democracy Network / Team Manager
Maja Hu  |
Fuk Ying Tse  |
Justin Anthonie  | Institute of  KAPAL Perempuan
Justin Anthonie  | Institute of  KAPAL Perempuan, Indonesia
Koshka Duff  |
Dr. Elmar Flatschart  | Lecturer University Vienna
Almo Lee  |
Dr. Luke Cooper  | Assistant Professor of International History, Richmond the American International University London
Fran Martin  | Associat Professor, University of Melbourne
Rayyan Hassan  | ED, NGO Forum on ADB
Flora Alvarado-Dupuy  |
Kevin Cao  | student
Zia Ur Rehman  | Pakistan Development Alliance / National Coordinator
Ratna Yunita  | Advocacy Adviser
Anita Chan  | HKIEd
Hyunji hong  |
한성재  |
Sadia Saeed  | GCAP-PAKISTAN
Sugnwon Heo  |
Seo Dongmi  |
Liv  | counselor
Bytes for All, Pakistan  |
Justin Anthonie  | Institute of  KAPAL Perempuan, Indonesia
Justin Anthonie  | Institute of  KAPAL Perempuan, Indonesia
레리  |
Association of Women's Rights in Development
filmmor  | cooperative
Carole S. Vance  | Columbia University
Farah Sevilla  | Philippines
Alara Yurdakul  |
Đặng hà bảo nhân  |
lee sooryeon  | CCEJ / staff
Ji hye  |
Makiko Ando  |
Saiqa Akbar/Paiman Alumni Trust  | Psycho Social Healing specialist
Aylin Erkan  |
Dr. Koma Jehu-Appiah  | Country Director, Ipas Ghana
Abdul Awal  | National Coordinator, GCAP Bangladesh
Campaign for Good Governance - SUPRO  | Trustee
Betsy Shieh  |
Yvonne Bogaarts  | Manager Advocacy Rutgers WPF
Shao Bowei  | Student
Kypros Savva  |
Zeynep Topalan  |
Marie Raasthøj Hansen  | Student, Denmark
Fleur Taylor  |
Anla Lee  | China
Manjusha Madhu  | Research Scholar, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India
郑艺周  |
kim yong min  |
JUEN SONG  | Guuigangbyeon-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea
Julius Crespo  | Director
Maria  |
Lesley Esteves, New Delhi  | Indian queer rights activist
Danyang Wu  | feminist
vivian lee  |
Natasha Mendonca  | Filmmaker
Jill Bertels  |
진규 신  |
Peter Rauch  |
Women's Promotion Centre  | NGO
kabi  |
Staphany Wong  |
Tsai Chi-Hsun  |
Jessica Stern  | IGLHRC
SALGA-NYC  | Board Member
Susanne Johansson  |
Jet Pacapac  | CODE-NGO
pınar omeroglu  | kesk
Claire Warburton  |
Meena Seshu  | General Secretary
Nandini  |
Boon Lin Ngeo  | MCC
Thushara Kodithuwakku  | Human Rights Defender and peace activist
Elisabetta Mele  |
Birgit Andersen  |
Thareth Sok  |
Sarah Rendel  |
MA FLORA MAY CERNA  | The Asia Foundation/ Consultant
Apoorva Kaiwar  |
David Luesink, Ph.D.  |
John Harney  | Assistant Professor of History, Centre College
reza purba  |
Sringatin  | Indoensian migrant workers union
鄧建華  |
Ayu Regina Yolandasari  |
Dr. L. Ramakrishnan  |
Vanessa Maynard  |
Jodie Kinnersley  |
Umi, KOBUMI-HK  | coordinator
IMPARSIAL (the Indonesian Human Rights Monitor)  | Researcher
youngsook cho  |
Joseph Leigh  | PhD student London School of Economics
Kim Jiyeon  | University of Seoul
Kyounghee Kim  | South Korea.
Woo Seockyun  |
Zia Ur Rehman  | Pakistan Development Alliance / National Coordinator
Margaret Dewhurst  | None
Carmela Sue  |
Dr Anja Kanngieser  | Goldsmiths College University of London
Ravi Kishore  | student
Daniel F.  |
Gloria Careaga  | Professor
Aaron Dimaano  |
Patria Jimenez  | Former parlamientarian
Hong Kong Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Unions
Luis Alejandro García Struck  | parte del consejo de Musas de Metal
Fundacion Arcoiris. Mexico  | General Coordinator
Closet de Sor Juana  | General Coordinator
Johanna Zhang  | Artist
Ree  |
peter lok  | baptist university
Yang Qing  |
Brigitte Lechner  |
Mark Larrimore  | Eugene Lang College, New York
Navadeep  | Activist
gwag seyoung  |
Ann Magnuson  |
Yurim Han  |
社工復興運動 Reclaiming Social Work Movement
Ernst Oppermann  |
tifa mahfudin'  |
Sara Lyman  |
Santiago Morcillo  | Profesor UBA
Kate Walton  |
Joanna Shieh  |
Pia näsman-hao  | Teacher
Young seok kim  |
Skyler Park  | student
Sabrina Hauser  |
Simon Shieh  |
Cecilia Riquelme  | activista independiente
Joe Qiu  |
Ritu  | Advocate
Helen Choy  |
Seojin Lom  |
Jenny Kang  |
Lim HyunJi  |
malavika nandivelugu  |
Yeseul Park  |
Rr. Astria Dewi  |
Avinash Matta  |
Katherine Mayall  |
Anna Forbes, MSS  | Independent Consultant
Simon J  |
Katie Bennett  |
shin hey yeon  | seoul, korea
Lee Young  |
Kyungyun Kim  |
yunjin.choiee  |
YeongIm Park  |
Gina Marie Longo  |
Dajeong Yoon  |
Meg Davis  |
Rebecca Levison  |
Jangyoungju  | a person
Manisha Desai  |
Soo-Hee Kang  |
Zoey Njaia  | Reaearcher with Fulbright
Amy Brainer  | Assistant Professor of Women's & Gender Studies at the University of Michigan-Dearborn
umakanth reddy  |
Cecilia Espinoza  |
Michelle Davis  |
Sara Fernandez  | Female academic and activist
Rosalind Petchesky  | Sexuality Policy Watch
Sarah Gold  |
Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights
Elizabeth Jackson  |
Erica Lim  | Social Justice Activist
Liwa  |
Paritosh Upadhyay  | Design Freelancer
Sarah Reed  |
Hale Kolay  |
Michael Tsang  | Doctoral Candidate, Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick
catherine  |
K.Wee  |
ayse nur gedik  |
Deboleena Panja  |
Alita E.  |
Claudia Meléndez  |
Delma Lanauze  |
Sarah Eisenstein  |
Bryan Choong  |
Syaldi Sahude  | New Men's Alliance
Rika  | perEMPUan
Rachel Page  |
Jee eun Jun  |
alice brooke  |
Ruby Astari  | Freelancer
Barry Lee  | HKU/ PhD Candidate
Marsya A  | Indonesia
Paul Anderson  |
Stian Boyon  |
Samuel  | Marketing
Marie Shieh  |
maria beatriz duarte  | Researh/professor
Gladys Jian  | University of Washington
shnta  | student
Januarsyah sutan  | Teacher
Miss Cherry Leung  |
Katrien Van Wassenhove  |
Elizabeth Denhup  |
Alice M Miller, JD  | Professor, Yale University
Gadis Ranty  |
Carrie Eisert  | Amnesty Internatonal
Steve Spagnuola  | USA citizen
Michael Switow  |
Madeleine Matsui  |
Pablo Cristian  |
Tanti  | Director
Sofia Rower  |
sunny mying  |
Taufik Akbar  |
Sonia Reyes  | Student
Andy Hung  |
Kayla Wong  |
Kaylen Hill  |
Sasha Day  | Occidental College
Laura Frye-Levine  |
carolina alvarez  |
WVN Perera de Silva  |
Laura Gardiner  | Los Angeles LGBT Center
Prof. Dick Levine  | University of Kentucky
David Schlumpf  |
Hayley MacKintosh  |
Bruce Amoroto  | Student, Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies / Mahidol University
Keeley K  |
Hum Bhandari  |
Zubi Khawaja  |
Pradizza S. Putri  |
Lora Hristova  | /
Meg Arenberg  |
Helena Wong  |
Liliana Montaño  |
Florencia  | release them
Willy Dries  |
Paula Greene  |
Maria Sumner  | n/a
Biraj Swain, GCAP  | Co-Director
Articulación Feminista por la Libertad de Decidir, Santiago, Chile  | Feminista
zerrin  |
Maria Pino  | Gender Specialist - IIAP
Azer Ebru Mutlu  | Lawyer
Lucy Martin  |
Danya Lagos  |
Norma Celina Gutiérrez de la Torre
Edward Karabinus  |
Seunghee Yoo  |
Dr. Kathleen Sullivan  |
tania Leon  |
Cailin  | Los Angeles LGBT Center
Jesse Ruiz  |
Marge Berer  | Editor and women's rights advocate
Vicki Pacifico  |
wendy cuevas  |
Mutia Amsuri  |
David Nam  |
Ryan Fajar Febrianto  |
David P. Epstein  |
Zendika  |
RESURJ: Realizing Sexual and Reproductive Justice
Olivia Plato  | UK Student
Lisa Tornabene  |
Jamie Hawkins  |
Haryeong Lee  |
Yeo Joung Suh  |
Nam Boo-Won  | Korea YMCA
Jill Matthews  | Emeritus Professor, ANU
Mihyeon Lee  |
JeeWon JANG  |
Hana yi  |
Jieun IM of KGF  | Producer
Chan man ching  |
Red genero y economía  |
Chew Che Rui  |
las reinas chulas  |
Lee kit ha  |
Hyojeong Jeon  |
Loretta Wong  |
Augustine Minn  | SG
Jane Kenworthy  |
Ran yoon  | 동인련
Mr. Mi Nac  | Advoacy Specialist
Ellen  | /
Ellen Connolly  |
Frisca Anindhita  | Researcher
On Lam Leung (Annie)  |
Karen Pickering  |
Eliza  |
veronica  |
HealthNet TPO Afghanistan  | Board of The Global Fund NGO delegation member
Alex Li  | The University of Auckland
Ellen David Friedman  |
Daniela Fonkatz  |
Christine Garlough  |
Eileen Li  |
Elsa Gómez  |
Andrew Connor  |
Yenchen LEE  | Zhi-shan Foundation TAIWAN/ Research&Development Specialist
Fahmi Panimbang  | Asia Monitor Resource Centre
Da Hyun Chung  |
Jake Oorloff  | Artist
Mengfei Chen  |
Hsiu-hua Shen  |
Gisa Dang  |
Jessica Hu  |
Kanako Sugimoto  |
Mia  |
nayoun kim  |
Charlotte Han  | lean in beijing
Awakening Fundation  | Taiwan
Azusa Yamashita  |
Vicky Mohieddeen  |
Matthew Baren  |
Aurelien Lecour  |
Eve O'Mahony  | Woman
Hyun Pil Na  | Korean House for International Solidarity
Rachael Stone  | Teacher
Allison  |
Chen Chen  |
Aileen Park  | Asian Center for Women's Studies
June Tang  |
Katharina Wuestnienhaus
Minjin Kang  |
Mariana González Piña  |
Helen Gao  | Harvard University
Miran Kwon  |
Anke. Steuer  |
Shalini Mahajan  |
Anubha Singh  | Activist/Researcher
Helga Worotitjan  | Experiences based counselor for GBV victim
alshaima  | student
So-jung Lee  |
Alyssa Cendrowski  |
Aura Ylisela  |
heather morrison  |
Shadrick A. Small  | UC Berkeley
Mijke Drift  | TranScreen Filmfestival
Yulita  | Chairperson
Maria Leybenson  |
Chryssy Hunter  |
Yue Wang  |
Europe solidaire sans frontières (ESSF), France
Sunniva Sandbukt  |
M Ansley  |
Naripokkho | Naripokkho
Elizabeth Tung  |
Glenys Wilson  |
Alim-Al-Razy  | Social and Cultural Activists
YOUNJIN SUNG  | feminine activist
Sirota Ariane  |
Happy Kinyili  |
margaretha saulinas  | Librarian
SY Seo  |
Victoria harwood  | Teacher
Aingkaran K.  | Attorney - at - Law
Katrina Joosten  | University of Toronto Alumni
Tobias Troll  | DEEEP project manager
Lee Myoung sun  | professor
lotta rydén  | berlin
Gro Kirk  |
Edona of the DCNGO delegation to TGF  | member
M Boon-Kuo  |
Lucy Clarke  |
Tyrell  |
Sovannara Moch  |
rudy  |
Aliine L  |
Marc Herbst  |
Half the Sky Publication Education  | Founder
Bethan Davies  | Feminist
M Sheehan  |
Anneke Coppoolse  | Postgraduate Student
Aleks Peksena  |
Ronja Mannov Olesen  |
Alvin Kwan  |
Kerry Ritchie  |
Rachael Skerritt  |
cherry lee  |
郑媛璟  |
Audrey de Virion  |
Swheelwright  |
Chiara De Leo  |
Barachin  | Performer
Citizens' Collective Against Sexual Aaasault (CCSA), New Delhi
Kim SeungHyun  |
jang jiwon  |
kim yu eun  | korea
Siwan Rhys  |
Katie  |
rina  |
Iman El Ouarayni Howden
Andrea Gorman  |
queue  |
Jake Calvert  |
Johnny Burke  | Caring, Loving Man
Seo jiyeon  |
Pola Peña  | Red Mujeres en Plural
Sylvia Frazier  |
Fra Rustumji  |
Rosie Yeats  |
Izzy Romilly  | Student
Jomain McKenzie  | Global Fund Focal Point
Eleanor Mitchell  |
Soledad  |
Jae Won Shin  |
Imogen Hawk  |
Taskin Fahmina  | Gender Expert,  Odhikar
Chloe Crowther  |
Noluvuyo Mtshotshisa  |
Amahia Mallea  | Dr.
Oliver harrison  |
eunju jeong  | ngo
Mange Ram Adhana  | president of Association for promotion sustainable development
Eunran Park  |
Aimee sibley wootton  |
Han Yan Yuen  |
Haram Kim  |
Bhawana Bhatta  | Youth Action Nepal
georgina powell  |
Seok eunji  | teacher
Katy Tan  |
Angus Gannagé  |
Rachel Angeli  |
John R. Peters-Campbell  |
Meghan Witherow  |
Hannah Rogers  |
Council for NGOs in Malawi - CONGOMA  | GCAP
E. Uprichard  |
Jeewon jeong  |
Paige Sprague  |
leeheejoo  | student
Jacqueline Kern  |
Lisa Yang  |
Sam Austin  |
Claire Cooper  |
Florrine Gray  | student
Benjamin Xue  | Community Liaison - Pink Dot SG
Patrick La Ring  | Human Rights activist
Amy Stevens  |
Annabelle Buck  |
Taylor Laemmli  |
Yiyu Cheng  | student
Hannah Petch  |
Mackenzie  | UW- Madison GWS Student
Jackson Howarth  |
Florence Morrison  |
Elle Russell  |
Bee van Dijk  |
Tess Kolker  | Badgers Empowering Women - UW-Madison
Purva Goel  | UW-Madison - student
Ellie Herman  |
Sarah Kuelbs -UW Amnesty International  | Head of the International Committee
claire arkwright  |
Harry Black  |
Nicola  |
Hing Wong  |
Molly Beresford  |
Uni Jeon  |
Charity Schmidt  | University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jackie Pozza  |
Eden Silver  |
Abby Carter  |
zohra moosa  |
Lindsey Roehrborn  |
Mun Yuk Chin  | University of Wisconsin-Madison
Molly Angeli  |
Billie Manning  |
Mary Louise Roberts  |
Elroi Windsor  | Salem College
Emily Ross  |
Jodi Stern  |
Gabriella  |
Pietro Autorino  | student at SOAS
Nakre lesrug  | TNEDUTS
sheherbano ahmed  |
Diana López  |
Allison Yingst  | University of Wisconsin- Madison Gender and Women's Studies Club Member
cassandra kilgore  |
Keirbottrill  |
Grace Venturini  | UW Madison
Lee McClellan  | Student
AWAZ Foundation Pakistan  | On Behalf of GCAP Pakistan and Pakistan Development Alliance
Jee Jee Kim  | ARC
Shannon Johnson  |
Amelia Cant  |
David McFarlane  |
Tatiana Doyle  |
r martin  |
heo se hwa  |
Elsa  |
Felix Choong  | Student
Adrienne Barberg  |
Rebecca Wedgwood  |
Katie Brow  |
Center for Social Group Development  | Project Coordinatior
Banri Hoshi  |
Celia Willoughby  |
Katie Sovey  | Student
Maura Reilly  |
Teytaud  | INRIA
Esther Chow  | Professor
lizzy  |
Dylan Marsh  |
Naomi Schraer  |
Alison Green  |
Lauren Barr  |
John Payne  |
AIDS Healthcare Foundation
Natasha Obeid  |
Anne Lieberman, American Jewish World Service (AJWS)  | Program Officer, Sexual Health & Rights
Javid Syed  | AJWS
Jessica Batty  |
Raviva Hanser  | Program & Grants Associate, AJWS
E Williams  |
Eleonora Narbone  |
Anna Manning  |
Alaa ahmed  |
Pamela Potter-Hennessey
Niklas Kuhlendahl  |
Miriam Diallo  |
Molly fitzgerald  |
Laura Clapper  |
Julie Walker  |
Amanda lee  |
ken simon  |
Sara Bowie  |
Phoebe Thomson  |
Evelyn smith  |
Kathleen Roma Greer  |
Pil Nielsen  | Student
Johnny Lucas  | JCR Committee Member, St Anne's College
Gary Zhou  |
Betty  |
Kuesang Oh  |
이금진  |
leeinhee  | OBOS
Audrey Flack  |
Andrew Marten Medina  |
Park Jae Chul  | OBOS_Caritas Seoul
Hannah  |
Rhiannon Canaway  |
Vivian Mac  |
Jeong Moon Sun  |
Marsha Cohen  |
Angie Requena  | UW Madison Student
Shelly Yang  |
Adele Broadbent  |
Andrew Lesa  | Pacific Young Women's Leadership Alliance
Nur Amalia  | GCAP Indonesia Coordinator
Zhongwei Chen  |
jon robbins  |
Laura Schultz  |
Monet Allard  | ABC News
Pascal Soepper  | University Researcher
Kathleen Watson  |
Li, Siu Cheong  | Student
Yau Wai mei  | student
馮定軍  | 大學生
ALI  AL DHAMERI  | Manager of affrestation and desertification control departement
Jennifer Rogla  |
Bettina Allamoda  |
Jerbert M. Briola  | Medical Action Group
Choi Yewon  |
Markus Haunschmid  | Student
Kaja Nowak  |
sean graeme marwick  |
Ayu Puspita Sari  |
Mwangi Waituru  |
Wing Shan Point (CUHK)  |
Alianza por la Solidaridad
Du Quan  |
Cheung Cho Yi  | University Student
Renato Mabunga, PhD  | Human Rights Defender
Emma Lawrence  |
SURE-Liberia  | National Director
Arman  |
Pei-Ru Liao  |
Frank Geary  |
Eve Annesley  |
Anna K. Jørgensen  | Student
JK Singh  |
Molly Shillingford  |
Affinity Group of National Associations-AGNA  | Network of National CSO platforms and associations
Fiona Uellendahl  | Campaign advisor
Ieva Zalite  |
Green Liberty  |
CIVILIS Human Rights  | President
Accion Solidaria on HIV/Aids
Feliciano Reyna  | Human Rights activist
JOINT - Liga de IONGs em Mocambique  | Executive Director
Marisa Gomez Crespo  |
Catherine Tiongson  |
Julia Nilsen  |
samad  | treasurer-macoss
Elizabete Eli Ozola  |
Johanna Quinn  | Graduate Student
Charlie Ching  |
Kelsey Van De Laarschot  | Student
malena napal  | student and activist
Wong Cheuk Yin  | CUHK
Margreet Elfring  |
Chad Alan Goldberg  |
Jeong YeonJin  |
Margarida Ralha  |
Angharad Morgan  |
C West  |
Marijke Naezer  | PhD student, The Netherlands
Warunyakorn Fakthong  |
christine knight  | women for independence
Rosalyn Lim  |
Sharon Stern  |
Sophie Housley  |
Omar Aguilar / Alliance for solidarity  | Office Coordinator, Nicaragua
Jennifer Spencer  |
Mirella M  | Manager
Hannah Williams  |
Aphra Dawson  |
Boerma, G.D.A.  |
Masaki Inaba  | GCAP Japan
Caroline Cotter  | International Women's Health Coalition
Inmaculada Hidalgo  |
Jagaran Nepal/ sharmila karki  | President
danielle  |
SW Hamilton  | Cofounder
Gender Studies & Feminist Research McMaster  | Masters Candidate
Nikki Wilson  |
Teresa Orozco  |
Elijah maina  | Seed institute
Nigeria Network of NGOs  |
Stephanie  |
Francine Valk  |
annie-may gibb  |
Th. Bosma  |
virginie bihin  | n/a
anna giulia  |
Priscilla Grasse  | -
Inbar Tamari  | Hackney NUT
Rory Storm  |
Besi Mpepo  |
Rebecca Jordan-Young  | Chair, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Department, Barnard College, Columbia University (New York, USA)
Susie Burrows  | NUT
Dr. C.L. Vermeulen  | translator
Tengku Nur Fadzilah  | State Manager
Sumie Ishii  |
Sophia Chan  | HKU
Bri P  |
Choe yong0jun  |
Mak Tin Hing  |
Apple Chan  |
Yitong  |
Allison Torem  | Student
emily  |
Isis International  |
Pallavi Gupta  |
Amira Hasna Ruzuar  |
Tami Lui |
Yeung Wing Yan |
Camilla de Patoul |
Kelvin Cheung | Merchant
TAM Wai Pang |
LEE Wai Fan |
Tsang Ying | student
eun kim | office worker
Na Young | Activist/NGA(Network for Glocal Activism) & Rainbow Action South Korea
Michal Braun - Polish National NGO Federation | Director
Liu Cheong Kwai |
Human Rights Campaign in China |
Wenshe Centre for Human Rights Education |
Yoon jin Dong | chirstian
Katie Davey Dalsgaard | EU Partnership Manager for VSO International
DASE Foundation Pakistan (Center for Dialogue and Non-Violence) |
Carmen Sánchez-Contador Escudero |
Associació de Dones de les Illes Balears per a la Salut -adibs- |
Gisung Gim | Citizen
Erky C | Transman Support Group Indonesia
Almen Kwok |
Patricia Ackerman | City College of New York
kyerewa Asamoah Sekpey | Regional coordinator
Naoko Tsuyama | President, Africa Japan Forum
Ivens Reis Reyner | Youth Coalition
Gillian Dolce |
Alec Ash |
Lisa Torem |
Professor of Sociolinguistics (Spain) | University
Yemurai Nyoni | Dot Youth
Jane Kelly |
ASTRA Network |
Susan Pashkoff | Left Unity Women's Caucus
Kevin Li | NGO
Ji-myoung Park |
Jessica Karlsen |
Karl Emil Rosenbæk | student
Salome Kokoladze | student
Jago Rackham | Editor
Mthokozisi | Pastor
Nicola Saville | Student
Beth Raps |
Zoe Jones | Amnesty International campaigner
Aakash Bassi |
Hyun soo Cho |
Son young (Network for Glocalactivism) |
Hsiao-Ling Su | University of Wisconsin-Madison
May Wu | Trainee Psychotherapist of United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)
Youngsoo Yoon | Women's Human Rights Commission of Korea
Munwha Lee |
Andrea leith | woman' with Intellectual Disability Community Support
Jung Yun Mah | Ewha Woman University, women' Studies Ph. D student
Jieun Roh |
HJ Chin | graduate student
Seunghyun Kim |
Byoungjin Goh | Ewha W.Univ.
seulgi lee | student
Sung yae Kim | Ewha Univ. / student
Baek Mi-rok | ewha womens university
hyejungyoo | be free
지영 황 |
Park suk heui | 성폭력예방치료센터/한국
jihyeon |
HEA YEONG KIM | Chunan Women's Hot Line / activist
김현아 | 1062490229
Hye Gyong Park | Dongduk Women's University
Dahye Chang | research fellow, Korean Institute of Criminology
Kim myeong-jin | Korea Women's Hot Line
nam jeong im |
Yoon, Eun Hee | Feminist
방이슬 |
YOO HYUNMI | Researcher of Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center
Rosie | student
Nuri oh | Mokpo Women counseling Center / Jeonnam,South Korea
HaejeongKim | Jeonnam, South Korea
Hwayoung Lee | korea women's hotline
Ran Choi | activist
Anna Roguski  |
Lorna Zacharek  |
University of Strathclyde  | Student
Kim Jeong Hee  |
Kyungheun Baek  | Ewha Womans University
Brittany Williams  |
Annabs Sanchez  | Graduate Student Women & Development UP Diliman Philippines
JAEWON JEONG  | Kyung Hee University/Professor
Jeongmi YOO  | Researcher, Korea
lihaiying  |
Catherine Roguski  |
Ryu Sunghye  |
Dayoung Song  | Incheon National University
Gahane Jeong  | Seoul, Korea
Jack Rice  |
Edith Beauchemin  | Inspector / Mother
Greet van der Kaap  | Researcher / teacher Netherlands
Joe Boj  |
Angustias Bertomeu Martínez  | Dirección
Isabela Walker  | student activist
Holly Kearl  | Founder, Stop Street Harassment
kim young ju  | korea woman's hotline
heo eunyoung  | sexual hrassment reseacher
Meg Miles  | student
alexa wheeler  |
kimhong miri  |
Jimin Lee  | student
Shiwoo  | Korea Queer Archive
Allison Riley  | Activist, Hollaback! Denver
Olga Lobo  |
hyejoung  |
Jack Allen  |
Areum Kim  | Student
Bora Yune  | Seoul Nat'l University
Venoranda Rebecca Kuboka  | Youth coalition
Youth Changers Kenya  |
Kim, Young Ok  | Yonsei University in Seoul
josedina garcia  |
Sikha Thapa Magar  |
João Paulo Kahilu dos Marcos  | President (Associção para o Desenvolvimento da Sociedade Civil Angolana - ADSCA
Patricia Bartley  |
Heather Johnson  |
Reily moran  |
Mia N  |
Evdokia Romanova  | Activist, Student
Paula Gonzalez  | The Australian National University
Jara Sánchez Cerezo  | Student
young jin  | 페미니스트 만세
Elvira Kalmurzaeva  | Student, Kyrgyzstan
Faruh Kuziev  | Researcher/Artist
Anna  | Student, feminist
Natalie Kelly  |
Luis  |
Margaret Macharia  | Feminist, Researcher, Activist
Meysoon  | Graduate Student at UoG
Amanda McLaughlin  |
Daniel de Culla  |
ermira danaj  |
Krista Seddon  | YWCA Australia
Ram P. Mony  | Social Development Specialist
Julieta Chida  | Lawyer, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tamarack Verrall  | activist
Carolina Guerra Ariza  | escritora
Kristina Stockwood  |
Gisele Cote  |
Catherine D'Avignon  | Université de Montréal
laia serra  |
Patricia Ackerman  | Women's Studies, City College, NYC
A Kessler  |
Miriam namakabda  | student
Sonju Walker  | Global Citizen
Karen Roman  |
Michael Clulow  | development worker
Laura Pallares  |
Bonnie Keller  |
Luz María García Pérez  | Individual
magnhild bøgseth  |
Susan Davis  | Independent scholar
Prabaharan Janany  |
D'Elles  |
julie klugman  |
Patricia NDjandjo  | activist
Janet Price  |
Julia zamora  |
Alejandra Ortiz  |
Eugene Song  | Ewha W.Univ.
Gaya  | Women's rights advocate
Smarak Samarjeet  | Research Scholar, Pondicherry University, India
Park, Jongju  | Seoul National Univ.
Eugenia McGill  |
Maria  | Fontenelle
Anamaria Hernández  | Consorcio Oaxaca México
Sunita Gurung  | Project Coordinator
Mamta Gurung  | Activist
Bsrat Tesfay  | Outreach worker
R.S. Mothey  | Asstt. Professor
Aqila  |
Kerrie Smith  |
Kelebogile Timane  | Divas in Action SA
International livestock research institute  | Gender scientist
CX Chuah  | Teaching Asst.
Meredith Richardson  | Gender and Social Inclusion Expert
Dineo  | Activist
Busola Bankole  | Lagos Youth Leader YWCA of Nigeria
Doris Kambugyiro  |
Undrakh Chinchuluun  | Director at the Princess center NGO
Simi  | AWID member
Anuka Zola  | The Beautiful Hearts Campaign NGO
sibaprasad routray  | Executive Director (UYASD)
Jesus Leprosy People Service CentrePresident & Chief Functionary  | President & Chief Functionary
Patricia Bartley  |
Jack Wilson  | Campaigner
Maria Helen Dayo  | Director/UPLB Gender Center
Olga Frańczak  |
Equal for Equal  | project manager
Chew Pei Jing  | NGO worker
Fondation Zanmi Timoun  | Coordonnatrice
Hyung mee. Choi  | lecturer
Lalit Ranajn Mahato  | Member AWID & Social Worker
Louise Davis  | President, PRBB Foundation
Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights  |
Ana Hernández Espino  | Docente
Roslyn Cruz  | Activista Dominnicana
Sadhana Shrestha  | Tewa/ Executive Director
cecilia talamante  |
Christina Herrera  |
Red de Mujeres del Caribe  | Asesora
Miss Marzia Batool  |
Alana Kolundzija  |
Sixto Donato Macasaet  | CODE-NGO Philippines
Yelisha  | Tewa/Learning&Evaluation and Communications Manager
Sameer Pahari  | Activist
Alisha Pradhan  | Nurse
anuja shrestha  | program officer
ankuram sumitra organisation  | founder director
Emmanouil Athanasiou  | Coordinator - International Committee for Liu Xiaobo
Malcolm I'Anson  |
olga wintbottom  |
Gender Interactive Alliance  | President
Lejla M  |
QUERCIOLI  | LIFPL France (adhérente)
Gea Meijers  | feminist
Joyce Nip  |
Bertha  |
Taiwan Association for Human Rights  |
E-Ling Chiu  | Taiwan Assocition for Human Rights
HARD Balochistan  |
Joya C  |
Liz Liang  | student
Anna W  |
Charles Mok  | Legislative Council member
Ellen Dzah  | Women rights advocate
Sangeeta Chowdhry  | Program Director, Asia and the Pacific at Global Fund For Women
Yvonne Moynihan  |
Sharon Davis  |
Allison Eriksen  |
Maggie Haga  | social worker
Englebert Akong  | Managing partner, Akong Law 1, Buea, Cameroon
Kakali Sharma  |
Savannah Mudd  |
Dr. Princess Olufemi-Kayode  | Executive Director
jenny dominguez  | activista feminista autonoma
Cinthya Amanecer Velasco Botello  |
Ushree  |
Adriana Medina  |
Stephanie Bracken  | Executive Assistant, AWID
Heather Frederick  |
niwf  | member of the secretariat council
Chenwi Denis Fuh  | Executive Director and Human Rights Officer, Positive Peace Group Cameroon
Anne Slater  | Radical Women, National Organizer U.S. Section
Positive Peace Group Cameroon  |
Bethsabé Andía  |
Elizabeth Cox  | Former Director, UN Women, Pacific
Leah Entenmann  |
Naeemah Khan  |
Melina ALLAIR  |
Adina Barrera  |
Peace Foundation Pakistan  |
wahihlulela foundation  | npo
maryam  |
Adetoun Ilumoka  |
Jezzamine Matias  | LL.M. Student
Fany Karidjatou  | Responsable chantier
Annie Tourette  | Programm officer
Esther Zabala  | project officer
Philip Ries  |
Khirakhira  | journaliste/feministe
Jean Luc Likilo Bosongosongo/ Council for Human Rights and Civil Society Member  | Peace and Justice and Legal Defender, Awid Women Rights Defender, Human Rights and Civil Society Activist
Fatouma T. cissé  | groupe LLE CHANGEMENTF
Erika Hrvatic  |
Iniobong Usanga  | National coordinator Love and Care for People ( LCP)
cecilia Fantastico  |
SWEAT Development Programme  | Programme Coordinator
Crestalee Meyer  |
Jeong-yeon Han  | N/A
Sanem Ozturk  | Instructer, Marmara University
Rindra  | worker
Marijke Colle  |
Valerie Nichols  | China labour bulletin
Gloria Marín  | feminist activist
EMPOWER Ghana  | Netright/AWID
Atia Apusigah  | UDS, Ghana
Virginia Nelder  | human rights lawyer
Johanna Brenner  |
Bettina Gransow  | Freie Universität Berlin, Professor
Susan Caldwell  | Retired Professor, Dawson College
Kristelle Amina  | Assistant Lecturer University of Ngaoundere (Cameroon)
Saratu Mahama  |
Aurora Chang  | Human
Jorge De Santiago Jr  | Web Developer
Sue Peters  |
Ariane Brunet  | co-founder Urgent Action Fund For Women's Human Rights
Harleen Sidhu  | Human Being
Jocelyne Houghton  |
A. Urquiza  |
rachel standing  |
Nava Sama Samaja Party  | FI
Rhiannon Cackett  | teacher - woman
Maria Pia Meli  | Educator, actress, singer, writer
Beckie weinheimer  |
Erika Miller  |
Paraschiv Andreea Mihaela  |
zoe foster  |
irina cisna  |
steven starar  |
Whitney J. Buchanan  |
Evelin Fomin  | journalist
Geraldine Lee-Treweek  |
Alex Rogalla  |
AncA tanase  |
hohbauer camelia  |
Sally Has  | Student
Susan Caldwell  | Retired Professor, Dawson College
Rebecca Castro  | University of California, Los Angeles student activist
Maliyka A. Muhammad  | Stop Street Harrassment board member
eya  | student
Chamil Jayaneththi  | FIlm maker
Laura  |
Indira Jena  |
Achin Vanaik  | Retired Professor, University of Delhi
Clea Guerra  |
Victor Field  |
Chaitali  |
Cristina Epure  |
Marie Wolfe  |
Badrul Alam/Bangladesh Krishok Federation  | President
Breazu Elena Andreea  |
Josephine Agbo-Nettey  | Executive Director of DIF
Ruth Simister  | MEL Manager
Anna Mavrogianni  |
STOICA MARCELA MONICA  | Comisia pentru Drepturile Omului- Camera Deputatilor- ROMANIA
Delphi  | Advocate
Stefania Vintila  |
Alberta Kaikai  | Campaigner Amnesty International Sierra Leone
Amy Cox  |
Mosese Waqa  |
Chiara Padovani  |
Kylea Shropshire  |
Terra  | NOW GR board member
Ana Laura Quintanilla Varela  |
Cecilia  |
Nelly Bassily  |
Agniwo Rebecca  | Membre
石磊  | 中国四川省成都市
Sarah Chou  | student
Rhonda Staudt  |
Raeann Watt  |
Kendy Yim  | Feminist
Marie-Anne Cantin  |
M. Van t Wout  | PhD candidate African Studies Centre
Lindsay Menard-Freeman  |
anupriya  |
sophia pierre-antoine  |
Roshni Sami  | Communications Officer, Migrant Action Trust
Florinela Iosip  |
Juana Olea Mauleón  |
Jennnifer Radloff  | Ex Com WHRD IC
Saliha  |
Madeline Macomber  |
People Opposing Women Abuse  |
Tshipinare Marumo  |
Sophie Masei  | Graduate,International Relations.
association pour la promotion de la lutte contre les violences faites aux femmes et la participation au développement de la Femme africaine(LUCOVIFA)  | membre institionnel
Carmen Tornero  | Environmental technician
Fezel Nizam  | Feminist Atelier/Cyprus
Barbara Evans  | Graphic Designer, Business Owner
Jacklyn Ravu  | Sexual Reproductive Health Program Officer
Ani Colekessian  |
Gloria Torres Mendoza  |
Hisako Motoyama  |
Babita Rana  | president to power to the people Nepal
Jeremy Kroetsch  |
Neil Mendes  |
Heather Hewett  | Associate Professor, SUNY New Paltz
Marta Martinez  |
Amira Sobeih  |
Limerick Feminist Network  |
Citla  |
Chiyoko Sato  |
Marevic Parcon  | Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights
Vani Dulaki  | Human Right Defender Fiji
Kelly Davis  |
Kate wilkinson  |
Lubna Dawany  | president of sisterhood is global institute/Jor2
Elena Miralles  | PA
Peter LAI  |
Kyung Yun Kim  |
Keegan Elmer  |
Liu Xi  | CUHK/research fellow
BoBo YIp  | HK
Mirinda Boon-Kuo  |
Christal  | Asia Monitor Resource Centre
Ilaria  | Studentessa
Jack Qiu  | Chinese University
Hemant Kumar Yadav  | National Youth Awardee and PhD Scholar,Department of Peace and Conflict Studies and Management, Sikkim University, India
Niel Wijethilake  | General Secretary United General Emplyees Union
Renato Mabunga, PhD  | Chairperson, Human Rights Defenders-Pilipinas
Sarah Mwambalaswa  | Senior Library Officer, Tanzania
Toix Cerna  | Development Consultant/ Philippines
Carmen Sánhez-Contador Escudero  | secretaria de la Associació de Dones de les Illes Balears per a la Salut
Nadine MC  | Teacher
Ben Atherton-Zeman  | Founder, "Voices of Men"
Shawna Finnegan  |
Danielle van de Kemenade  | Career coach for women
Jesus Leprosy People Service Centre  | President & Chief Functionary
ramesh bhandari  | student
Jesus Leprosy People Service Centre  | President & Chief Functionary
Suary Santos  |
Maria Noël Viejo Mandl  |
Dinh Thi Phuong Nga  | youth program coordinator
Busola Bankole  | ywca of Nigeria
pınar ömeroğlu  |
Anasuya Sengupta  |
Andy Nhoybie  |
maria1918  | maria1918
sharon rabera  | student
Shiuan butler  |
Kenneth Musgrave  |
Lauren McQuade  | Journalist
clarissa trevino  |
dolany katrin acuña jiménez  |
Tanvir Ahmed Mostafa  | Entrepreneur from Bangladesh
Rosario Calvo  |
María Díaz Ezquerro  | International Development Professional and Gender Specialist
Rituparna Borah  | Queer feminist activist
Lola Tinsley  |
Ellen Murray  | Oxford University
Sally Pike  | English Teacher
Winnie King  |
Richenda Herandien  | Independent Consultant
Mauricio List  | Profesor Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
Cruz Hefti Luisa  |
Cecilia Ferm  |
Vivienne Lau  |
Stana Scepanovic  | Human rights lawyer
Rose kelly  |
Matie Leaves  |
Stephen Deline  | Los Angeles LGBT Center
Arlene Rivera  | City College
陳倩玉  |
Ana Maria Enriquez  | Urgent Action Fund / Latin America /Board Member
Birte Luehr  |
Jelena Pavlovic  | Medical Doctor, Netherlands
Fuck you China  | Consultant
Joy Tiku Enighe  |
Kylea Shropshire  |
Josephine Tsui  | Overseas Development Institute
Maliha Hasan  |
kikipa!  | Founder & Executive Director
Antonia Potter Prentice, Athena Consortium  | Co Managing Partner
Monica  |
Tshipinare Marumo  | Human Rights Activist
Miriam Roger  | Lawyer/Advocate - Toronto Canada
sarita  | lawyer
Cortney  | Student
Michael Clulow  |
Agwenjang Patience  | President of Research and Advocacy for Gender Justice
Joyce Neu  | Founder, Facilitating Peace
Nabiye Tal  | Founder/ CEO- IEVAWC
IEVAWC (Initiative for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Children)  | IEVAWC-Nigeria
l droesen  | independent consultant human rights
Beth Woroniuk  |
Molly Casteel  | Minister, Denominational Staff
Mari Mennel-Bell  |
Saumya  | Bard College
gatogato  | technicien
Kat NM  |
Aida Cruz  | Afiliada
Maritza Asencios  |
Anne Criquillion  |
Mellanie Colt  | Womens Right Activist
Aurelio Fco. Bernal  |
Erin Garcia  | home maker
ICW El Salvador  | Referente
Claudia Becerra  | Young Researcher
Wadi Organisation  |
Cierra Bland  | Student
Edda I Lopez  | Community Activist, Puerto Rico
Idsa ALegría  | Catedrática
Iliana  | student
Barbora Nemcova  |
Julia Escalante  | CLADEM México
Destiny Noble  |
Christina cortinas  |
Krista Seddon  | YWCA
Adrienne Joy  | Consultant
Zafifa Kamal  |
Ana Landa Ugarte  | Programa de becas PIANLAN El Salvador
Helen Rizzo  |
Kalemera Elizabeth  | Social Worker
Dineo  | Activist
Nina George  |
Shahzad  |
Sarah Ngoma  | nil
La Strada Interntional  |
haydn crespan  |
Suzanne Hoff  |
Phoebe Erickson  | Student,Volunteer
Rashmila Prajapati  | Chair, Women Empowerment Nepal
Women Empowerment Nepal  |
Marina Motta  | Gender affairs officer at MINUSTAH (United Nations mission in Haiti)
Simone Klinge  |
lean  | feminist popular educator
Julia Medel  |
Laura Pallares  | translator
Tammy  | Law Student, University of Ottawa (Common Law)
Pelagie Likilo Filandre, Kisangani University, Kisangani town Eastern Province of Democratic Republic of the Congo  | Coalition of Womens Leaders Environmentalist for Global Development
Bernadette Cash  |
Women'sWorld WithoutViolence  | President
Fatou Diouf  | Éducatrice
Abdi Fatma  | Student and President of WWVS
Association Le changement  |
Fatouma T. cissé  | association le Changement
Rubiela Valderrama  | Red de Empoeramiento
octavio cuenca falla  | miembro
Natalie Monteza  |
Libia Sánchez Segura  | Docente IPN Economía
Dr Fatima Sidiki (Ph.D)  | AWID
Monica Weispfennig Buchfeld  | nina+nico e.V.
Edme Dominguez R  | Associate Professor, School of Global Studies, Gothenburg University
Rita I. Uwaka  | Project Officer, ERA/FoE Nigeria.
Mariem  |
QUERCIOLI  | adhérente LIFPL France
gayle kimball, Ph.D.  | Professor Emerita
A. Urzelai  |
Karolina Peggy Blazejczak  | Artist, Feminist
Ximena  |
Carla Sandoval  |
sogbadji  | laboratin
Save Our Future  | Young Women Association
Heanneah S. Farweneee (Individual)  | Gender Student- University of Botswana
Jules Falquet  | Associate professor, Université Paris Diderot
Laure Sizaire  | PhD Student
Sylvia Duverger  | Journalist, student
KREFA  | Sociologist and Feminist, France
JACOB  | ____
Lana Wright  | Teacher
Dr. Maheswar Satpathy  | Research Scientist, Govt. of India
Mongalgi dorra  | Feminist
Carolina Maldonado  |
Marion Sarrouy  | Phd candidates Queen's university Belfast
Bettiche  |
Benu Maya Gurung  | Nepal
Lee McClellan  | Student
Eileen Macmillan  |
Shah Tasadduque Ali Khan  | Executive Director, Participatory Human Rights Advancement Society
Participatory Human Rights Advancement Society  | Executive Director
MUKAMUSONI Joséphine  | Social woker
Nirvana Gonzalez  | Puerto Rico Women's Movement, Coordinator
Maria Di Rienzo  | Writer, Nonviolent Trainer
Maud-Yeuse Thomas  | sociologue
Christine Höbermann, 3WF Hannover  |
Maureen  |
Divas in Action  | secretary
Lora Novachkova  | Program manager at Bilitis Ressource Center Foundation, Bulgaria
bianca Marks  | international consultant
Irene Nkrumah  | Social Service Worker
Katja Renner  | Social Worker
Dr Juliet Hunt  | Independent consultant
Sirina  | Presidente
Friends of Integral Education  | Programs Coordinator
Laura Corradi  | Professor, Gender Studies
Dhiviya  | Coordinator, Sangat, a South Asian Feminist Network
friendafrica  | Founder
datejie  | media advocate, feminist
Kristina Hufford  | Educator
chiezedimmaedward foundation for human rights.  | executive director
Otibho Obianwu  |
Rodrigo  |
Weiping Qin  | Independent Economist
Alicia Wallace  | Equality Bahamas
Hollaback! Bahamas  |
Akudo Oguaghamba  | Women's Health and Equal Rights initiative
Iniciativa Feminista Hijxs de su maquilera madre  |
Cathleen Polk  |
Alexander Alschbach  |
Afarin Dadkhah  | Human Rights Consultant
Verena Klein  | Researcher
Lisa-Maria Speck  |
marcos ochoa  | LSE interpreter
Uwema  | Chief Executif Officer
Adriana Detrell  |
Nadia YABILA  | Juriste
Jochen Gester  | Internationalist Working Group IG Metall Berlin
Alice Paver | Student Feminist
Elisabeth Leininger
Gitanjali Joshua | Researcher at University of Hyderabad
ho Ka ming
carly teng
Lori Fitzmaurice | Development Director Free the Slaves
Cathleen Cagaanan | Ateneo Human Rights Center
Cassandra Alaimo
Muneeza International Development
Sade Rabs | ImNotYourSize-BW
Jacqueline Biggs
Marcy Anderson

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