Sovereign State Days Parade Reservation Form - 2020
Parade will commence at 10:30 am on Saturday, July 18.
Submission of this form does not guarantee entry into the Sovereign State Days parade.
Someone from our committee will confirm receipt of your form and, if applicable, confirm your reservation within 3 days after submission.
If you do not receive an email within 3 days, please email Dana Woods at before submitting another form.
Thank you!
Organization/Group Name *
Contact Person *
Address *
Phone Number *
Email Address *
Donation Amount - Businesses and organizations not located within the Winneconne Winneconne Community School District boundaries are required to make a donation or provide a service (at our discretion) to the Sovereign State Committee. (A minimum donation amount of $75 is required of all political entries). Please make checks to "Sovereign State Days" and mail to P.O. Box 422, Winneconne, WI 54986 *
Float Contest - Will your parade entry be a "float" (incorporating this year's theme "outer space") that you would like judged as part of the float contest? If so, please have your unit in place and ready for judging by 9:15 am. However, the people riding on/in or accompanying the float do not need to be present unless YOU feel their presence is necessary to be judged as part of your design. *
Music - Will your parade entry will be broadcasting music? *
Louder than average - Will you parade entry include louder than average vehicle(s) or props? *
Young Children - Will your parade entry include younger children? *
Candy - Unfortunately, tossing candy in the parade will not be allowed this year due to precautioins brought about by COVID-19. But that doesn't mean we want youngsters to go home from the parade empty-handed. So instead, volunteers (wearing masks and gloves) will be passing out goodie bags to kids along the parade route just before the parade starts. If you would like to contribute your treats/handout items for to these goodie bags, your name will be listed as a contributor on a note inside the bag. We ask that you submit your treats to us by Monday, July 13. Items can be delivered to The Winneconne News Office or to Dana Woods. *
Handouts - Please see our message above about Candy. Other types of handouts can also be included if the goodie bags. If you would like to contribute your handout items for these treat bags, your name will be listed as a contributor on a note inside the bag. We ask that you submit your treats to us by Monday, July 13. Items can be delivered to The Winneconne News Office or to Dana Woods. *
Animals - Will your parade entry include animals? If so, please describe animals in space below. (village ordinance requires cleanup of any animal droppings immediately) *
Unique vehicle - If your parade entry will include an antique, collector, or otherwise unique vehicle or equipment, please describe.
Vehicle(s) Type - Please describe your entry. This will help us determine the amount of space your entry will require in the line-up area. (Example: truck pulling a large trailer)
Handouts will be distributed by official Sovereign State Days volunteers this year due to precautions brought about by COVID-19. *
NOTE: Spraying and/or throwing water from any parade unit is strictly prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation. *
I understand the Sovereign State Board of Directors, Parade Committee, the Village of Winneconne, The Winneconne Area Chamber of Commerce, the Winneconne/Poygan Fire District or any other organization sponsoring or co-sponsoring the parade IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for theft, accidental loss, bodily injury or damage incurred prior to, during, or after the parade. *
List any special requests and reason for the request. (We cannot guarantee we can meet your special requests, but we’ll try)
We will use the information you submitted on your application form to determine the line-up sequence so as to avoid conflicts with other parade units and to keep the parade interesting and safe for all ages. Do not change positions without prior approval. *
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