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Reggie Lamptey...
*17 Year Certified Personal Trainer
*Helped individuals lose over 10,000lbs in his career
*An In-Demand Personal Trainer & Coach Globally
*Teaches Thousands of people "Weight Loss Secrets" Globally
*Delivered Hundreds of Keynotes and Trainings for Organizations and Associations
*Presented for Audiences Ranging From 25 to 2,500 People

Reggie Lamptey is a dedicated and passionate entrepreneur who has always possessed a natural gift for helping people reach and achieve their goals.  As a young entrepreneur, he has developed and runs Body Defining, LLC where he dedicates his time and passion for helping individuals attain their different health and wellness aspirations.  In creating an avenue to reach and assist as many people as possible, Reggie continues to build a team of elite professionals who each have unique skills which give Body Defining the depth to cover all aspects of the health and wellness industry.  

Throughout the years, he has had the privilege to work with a wide variety of clients ranging from High School and Collegiate Athletes, to Olympic Track Runners, Martial Artists, Celebrities and NFL Potentials. He has also become an author writing a book titled “Top 10 Excuses to Avoid Exercise and How to Overcome Them”.  A book he hopes will inspire and empower people to take hold of their life and not let anything hold them back from achieving optimum wellness and a better quality of life.

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*Weight Loss Secrets
*The power of food Journaling
*Reshaping Your Mindset: Dominate Your Goals
*Fall Back in Love with Yourself
*Lifestyle Transformation: Get New Results Now

*Note: All lessons can be taught in 1-hour, ½ day, full day and weekend seminars.
Keynote & speeches are from 15-min to 45-minutes.
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