Discovery Library - Impact Survey
Thank you for taking the time to do this survey. It won’t take long and understanding how you, your work and patients benefit from what we offer will help to prioritise service improvements.
This short survey is to collect information about the value of library services. The questions were developed by a Value and Impact task and finish group working for NHS libraries in England (part of the NHS Knowledge for Healthcare framework). The data you provide will help us understand and demonstrate the contribution of library services.
What did you do the last time you used the library service?
2. From that single use of library services or resources how did you use, or how might you use, the information, knowledge or skills gained? (Tick any that apply)
Have used
Probably will use
Personal or professional development
Direct patient care
Teaching or presentations
Sharing information with, or advising, other staff or colleagues
Patient information, advising or educating patients, clients or families
Developing guidelines/ guidance/pathways/policies
Organisational/service development/ business planning
Legal or ethical questions
Commissioning or contracting
none of the above
3. From that single use of library services or resources how did the information, knowledge or skills gained help? (Tick any that apply)
4. Did your use of library resources or services contribute to any of the following impacts? (Tick any that apply)
Had an immediate contribution
Probable future contribution
Reduced risk or improved safety
Improved the quality of patient care
Saved money or contributed to financial effectiveness
More informed decision making
Contributed to service development or delivery
Facilitated collaborative working
Contributed to personal or professional development
None of the above
5.Please could you give a brief description of the impact this has had on you, your service or your patients (e.g. cost, length of stay, treatment outcome, etc.)
Your answer
6. What is your main role? If it is unclear which option your role fits into you can check the guidance (right click on the link and open in a new window or check online)
7 Which Trust do you work for?
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