2019 Furfest Dance Submissions
Welcome to the 2019 FurFest Dance submission form!

Midwest FurFest is looking for talented furry DJs and musical acts to take the stage and bring their unique blend of music and energy to the fluffy masses. If you love music, love being on stage and want to share that with everyone then you've come to the right place!

Submission process:
1) Put together a 30-60 minute set that showcases the type of music you want to play at Midwest FurFest.
2) Make sure the link to your mix is valid for the duration that submissions are open.
3) Submit this form in its entirety, google will confirm that it has been received.
4) Wait for responses, if you've been picked you have 48 hours to respond and confirm.
5) Keep your fingers crossed!

Submission Schedule:
1) Submissions open July 13th
2) Submissions close Sept 14th
3) Notifications go out Oct 4th

Submission Criteria: (in no particular order)
-- Energy and the overall flow (all bangers, or building/breakdowns constantly gets boring after a while)
-- Technical Skill and consistency (well executed and varied mixes and transitions)
-- Previous performances (what other cons have you played at?)
-- Previous performances pt 2 (have I, or another dance coordinator worked with you or seen you perform?)
-- Stage presence (if previous performance is applicable)

My contact info is tekfox@furfest.org in case there are any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me!

How do I submit, and how do I know you received my submission?
Fill out this form, google will confirm that it has been logged. If something weird happens or you are unsure that your submission made it though then you can email me and I'll check.

Can I submit multiple demos?
Please pick one demo that best represents what you want to play at the convention. You can change your submission if you like, but unfortunately I cannot listen to more than one per person.

What if I want to do a B2B/tag set with my friend as well?
You can absolutely do this! Submit a demo as a B2B/tag set, but please be forthcoming about who you'll be tagging with if you're submitting an individual demo as well so the same person doesn't get picked to be on stage four times in a row. If your group is larger than 2 then longer set time will be allocated in proportion to the number of people playing.

What genres do you want to hear?
The Furfest dances are open to any genre and style of music. If you can play it in a dance setting, then we want to hear what you can do. We strive to appeal to as many dancers as possible while still keeping a diverse lineup. The lineup will be selected based on current dance music trends in addition to considering the number of submissions of a particular genre. If 70% of the demos are vaporwave, then the dances will trend that way.

It feels like Genre X never gets picked...
We would love to bring in, and celebrate, all types of music but we only have so many hours in a night and only so many nights to party. Some of the niche genres get rotated in and out, while the current trends in the EDM scene take center stage.

I'm new to this, will I get overlooked?
If you're new and your demo is fire, then you will not be overlooked. Midwest FurFest always keeps slots for new people and some have been booked in prime slots from the start because their demos were so off the charts amazing.

I'm not *insert popufur DJ* will I get overlooked?
See above question! The DJs that get booked on the regular do so because they are talented and have earned it.

Will only Friday/Saturday limit my chances of being picked?
Yes, as it cuts the number of slots you are fighting for in half, and we get a ton of submissions!

Will submitting earlier help my chances?
No, I'm lazy and do everything at the last minute! \o/

Can you provide mix feedback?
With the number of submissions it is not something I can reasonably offer to everyone so unfortunately I cannot.

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