Annual Survey - 2020
The NUJM is working to build a long-term strategy to support journalists and media workers in Malaysia. As a project partner in an EU funded media reform project, Strengthening Malaysia’s Media for Change, this survey is a way to understand the needs, challenges and general landscape of the Malaysian media in 2020.

There is no doubt that the current Covid-19 health crisis will continue to have an impact on media operations, press freedom and on the way journalists do their work. To better understand and deliver support, we need to hear from you.

To help inform this research, you have been identified as a key respondent and thus request you to take a few moments to respond to the questions below. You are hereby assured that any information that you provide shall remain confidential.

This survey should take no more than 20 minutes to complete

Thanks in advance for your assistance with this.

In solidarity!




在当前新冠肺炎(Covid-19)健康危机冲击下,毫无疑问地将持续对媒体运营、新闻自由以及记者的工作方式造成影响。 为了更理解及给予媒体支持,我们需要聆听您的意见。

为协助您进行这项研究,您已被鑑定为我们的关键受访者。请您花一些时间回答以下问题。 特此保证,您提供的任何信息将受保密。



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