English 1102 Participation Spring 2018
The Writing and Communication Program has a Program-wide participation policy. Active participation and engagement in class are required. Students who have not done the reading and/or who do not actively participate during the class period may be penalized for lack of participation. In this class, participation counts as part of your grade.

Your participation grade depends upon your participation on Twitter and during class. Therefore, this reflection form concerns both avenues for participation.

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What is your name and Twitter Handle? *
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How many total tweets have you posted using our course hashtag #1102VDH? *
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What percentage of the time did you complete the assigned reading and bring the text to class? *
How often do you actively participate in this seminar by speaking? *
Do you express issues in the text/lecture relevant to our discussion? *
Do you agree and disagree with peers and your instructor civilly? *
Do you self-initiate discussion by tweeting discussion questions or raising questions in class? *
In what medium did you feel most comfortable participating in English 1102? *
Why did you prefer to participate in our class through Twitter; OR Why did you prefer to participate in our class through in-class discussion? If you enjoy (tolerate?) both equally, explain a few of the advantages and disadvantages of each. *
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What Grade do you think you deserve for participation? *
Explain why you should receive this grade. *
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