Status Report 3 2018
Due 2 weeks prior to Fresh Check Day.
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Remember to utilize to find signage, handouts, booth supplies, and much more.

Your password is: Ellie

Did you receive your t-shirts? *
Did you receive your swag items? *
Remember: Use these items to incentivize students to take the post-event survey!
Did you receive your Nine out of Ten magnets? *
Did you receive your grand prize TV? *
Did you receive your event day kit from JPF? *
This kit features your event day folder, stamp cards, survey instructions, and stamps. Note: you are responsible for providing any stamp cards above the quantity we send you. Please be prepared for high attendance!
Did you receive your Fresh Check Day x-stand banner from e-signs? *
Have you customized the Run-of-Show document from your event day kit? *
Have you gathered all the general supplies you need for the day? *
See the supply list in your event day folder
Remember, Registration and Nine out of Ten are mandatory booths. You can have up to 9 additional booths.
Have you printed multiple copies of the Registration How-To guide? *
You should have at least 4 copies at the Registration booth on event day.
Have you printed Nine out of Ten quarter sheet handouts? *
Do you have your finalized indoor and outdoor (if applicable) schematics printed? *
Does each group have the supplies they need to run their booth at Fresh Check Day? *
Have you made copies of the Safe Messaging Guide for each booth? *
See your event day folder for this document
Have you printed and made copies of the Individual Booth Chapters for each of your booths? *
Individual Booth Chapters available at as separate .pdf documents (so you don't need to print multiple copies of your Booth Handbook!)
Please detail any changes to booth titles, activities, or groups that have occurred since you submitted Status Report 2:
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All required signage is available for download at:
Did you print or create banners for each booth? *
Did you print the Booth Messaging Signs for each booth? *
Did you print the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline signs or your own Crisis Line signs? *
Did you print or create your own Counseling Services signs? *
Please see page 18 in your Fresh Check Day Manual for more information about volunteers.
Have you arranged for the appropriate number of volunteers to set up the event? *
Have you arranged for the appropriate number of volunteers to clean up the event? *
Have you arranged for the appropriate number of volunteers to staff the Registration booth? *
Have you arranged for the appropriate number of volunteers to staff the other booths? *
Don't forget to thank all donors of prize items! A social media shout-out is a great tool for this!
Have you secured supplemental prize items for the drawing at Fresh Check Day? *
Please use the space below to ask any questions or note any concerns you have going into your final two weeks of planning. *
Remember, we're always a phone call away! 860-904-6041
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Thank you for completing this status report!
Your final debriefing report will arrive just after your event and is due two weeks after your Fresh Check Day. This report will give you a chance to provide feedback about the planning process and the event itself.

Please contact us if you have any questions!

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