JHUMUNC 2020 Baltimore City Award
Thank you for your interest in the Johns Hopkins Model United Nations Conference (JHUMUNC) 2020 Baltimore City Award!

JHUMUNC is a Model United Nations Conference held every year in the Hilton Hotel in downtown Baltimore. We provide delegates with multiple opportunities to engage in the field of international studies, both inside and outside the committee room. By participating in one of our more than 30 high-caliber committees and meeting students from all over the globe, JHUMUNC delegates receive unparalleled exposure to the world of international affairs.

We are excited to offer an all expenses award to interested students from Baltimore City public high schools. Applications can be completed from October 28 until December 2, 2019 (11:59PM). Please note that a teacher testimony from a Model UN advisor or another teacher who can speak to your strengths is required to complete this application.

What the Award entails:

A fully funded Model United Nations experience at JHUMUNC 2020 including:
(1) Hotel accommodation for selected students for the three nights of the conference.
(2) Private hotel accommodation for advisors of selected students for the three nights of the conference.
(3) $225 stipend for western business attire clothes, meals at the conference, and transportation to the conference. This stipend will be paid in multiple installments.
(4) Registration costs for the single delegate (student) and associated delegation (high school).
(5) A free JHUMUNC T-shirt.

(1) A high school student in good standing who attends a Baltimore city public school full time.
(2) Model UN Experience is not required.
(3) An adult willing to act as an advisor for the entirety of the conference.

Application Requirements:
(1) A completed application.
(2) A letter of recommendation from a teacher or MUN advisor.

(1) Attend the entirety of JHUMUNC 2020 conference from February 6-9, 2020.
(2) Attend a meeting with the Undersecretaries of School Relations (Juan Gomez or Wendy Tsai) before the end of the conference to discuss your experience.
(3) Adhere to the policies and obligations as a delegate of JHUMUNC 2020, including signing a participation waiver.

To learn more about JHUMUNC check out our website at www.jhumunc.org.

Good luck!
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