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Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a "beacon of light" member associated with Alba's mission!

**A little bit about Alba:
Alba is a platform showcasing the journeys of women entrepreneurs and other individuals who have been affected by endometriosis, infertility and cancer. Alba is a collection of interviews, stories, photographic portraits, art and resources on multidisciplinary topics. The aim is to not only raise awareness, but a deeper understanding of invisible, chronic illnesses that have far-reaching consequences on the physical, mental and emotional well-being of those affected, as well as those who stand by their side.

Through its collaborations, Alba raises funds for special projects (such as educational workshops in high schools and workplaces, auctions, informative panels, photographic portrait sessions) as well as to make donations to research programs fighting for prevention, earlier diagnosis and better treatment of gynecological conditions and cancer.  

By highlighting the challenges, resilience and passion of individuals thriving despite their health struggles, Alba aims to empower, uplift and inspire others, guiding them from darkness to light, all the while raising funding for research.

**A little bit about the Alba members:

Members of Alba join for 1 year. They are entrepreneurs / artists who have been touched in some way (big or small) by endometriosis, infertility, female cancers or other related issues and who now want to shed light on these issues to guide others. They have a product they have created (or designed in collaboration with another artist) that they can sell to raise awareness and funds for endometriosis, cancer and fertility research.

**As an artist/entrepreneur member, you get:
- a forum and audience to tell your story to educate, empower, inspire, uplift and heal others for 1 year
- a profile on our page in English and French with a photograph + a blurb + a link to your shop or site for 1 year
- a portrait photography session (optional) with photos you can use for personal / commercial needs, as well as artistic photos that help tell your story (value $350 CAD)
- a full interview on the blog
- a minimum of 3 social media mentions on each of our social media platforms during the 1 year period (value $75 CAD)
- a photo of your product or service in the shop window for 1 year. This generates exposure and sales for you, and all sales are processed on your end as for your usual online orders. Alba gives you the visibility and the traffic. (value $300 CAD)
- your name on all the press releases sent to media outlets over the course of the year
- an optional opportunity for guest blogging, Instagram takeovers and hosting giveaways
- more perks as Alba grows over time (e.g., discount codes on products, free goodies, etc.)
- resources and access to a closed Facebook group or invitations to local events (coming soon!)
- the satisfaction of being part of an innovative, inspiring and important cause
(Total value over $825 CAD)

All that is required is:

1. a membership fee for 12 months, with or without the option of a photographic portrait session in Montreal (Canada)

With portrait session: $179 CAD (or 12 monthly payments of $15 CAD)
Without portrait session: $99 CAD

Please note that this the fee goes to Alba's own donations to health organizations, research programs and educational initiatives (e.g., for teens, workplaces) as well as to sustaining Alba (costs involved in starting up and maintaining Alba, hosting the website, writing and translating the interviews and articles, all marketing costs, social media, press pitches, hired help, photography portrait sessions, etc). This fee compares to what an artist / vendor would spend on an online market of only 1-10 days in length, whereas this exposure lasts one full year and is multi-dimensional, including a photographic portrait session.

Note: If you live far from Montreal but would like to have your portraits taken, you may suggest a photographer that you know. Please put us in touch so that we may share our Alba imagery mood board with them!

2) a donation of the amount *of your choice* from the sales of your selected showcased product to a (related) charity of your choice. The donation can be per item or at the end of the 12-month period. We ask for a proof of donation + a brief justification of the organization of choice.

Rest assured that there is no heavy work or time commitment involved for you. Once accepted, you will have a short questionnaire to fill out to build your bio for the website.

Optional involvement:
- Promoting Alba's mission and your involvement on your own social media channels
- Guest blogging or additional interviews
- Hosting giveaways
- Donating prizes for auctions or fundraising campaigns (that incidentally boost your brand exposure and sales potential)

Please respond to the questions in this form to be considered as an Alba member or "beacon of light"

Thank you for your interest!

With gratitude and admiration,
Founder, Alba - A New Dawn
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