Leadership Training: Module 1--What business are we in?
Module 1:
What business are we in?

Before you work in any business you must first identify what is it they do. At EMA are we in the teaching martial arts business? Well, yes, but what we are really do is provide for a need and want for the student and/or parent. This is first and most important in any business that deals with customers. So if we don’t satisfy those needs and wants, then we are out of business.

As a leader at Elite Martial Arts, you will be instructing lower belt students. Regardless of your age you have to begin to study people, to ask those important questions like: “why are you taking martial arts”. Then, after each class, you ask “did I fulfill that student’s wants?"

You cannot think that you are a Black Belt and everyone has to do what you say. You have to think like a customer service representative and provide an experience that they will want to come back for.

Many instructors want to have the same teaching style as their instructor. We all have different personalities and teaching styles and the more we deviate from our true selves, the less effective we will be.

Relax, have fun, always be prepared to teach and you will enjoy the classes you teach.
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