everydayparadise pres.                        creative.island :: cazanele dunarii (ro)                      6-13 september
leave all your worries behind

Creative.Island is back for a special one-week edition of workshops and parties in one of the most mysterious and legendary parts of Romania - the Danube's Boilers (Cazanele Dunarii).
Get ready for a blissful and memorable week with the #everydayparadisecrew and our trainers, learn and live your way up in the creative industry.

Come and live with us by the danube's waves, reconnect with your inner self and discover new patterns of life, magic and freedom. Now is your chance to groove and expand your creative horizon, learning from a 10+ years experienced team. Yes, there will be moon dancing, pool divin' and lovely smiles till sunrise.

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this is freedom.
this is #everydayparadise 🌅

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The price (300 eur) includes your one week stay in a 2/3 capacity shared room in our own private and remote villas + access to all the workshops, private events and boat party.
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view from one of our villas
How you get there? ✈️
Best way is to have your own or shared car. Easy access from all the cities around like Timisoara, Craiova, Drobeta Turnu Severin. Don't have a ride? Let us know and we'll find a way.
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Amazing views :: photo by. mountainsofromania.com
Mystical places :: photo by. mountainsofromania.com
Flashbacks.. yum yum
/:: trainers - LIVIO (Premiesku, Mina Studio)
/:: trainers - Melak (Nopame,Evp Crew)
/:: trainers - Soundopamine
How do you imagine your creative.island? Is there anything else you would like to add?
Imagine the water boiling in the pot ... Now imagine a river with boiling water among the rocks of the mountains ... Would you like to see live this picture?  (imperialtransilvania.com)
Every person who has heard about the wonders that Danube offers to humanity, knows the myth of the boilers. In fact, this is the place where the Danube has to cross the mountains. The force with which the river creates the path between the Carpathians rocks creates a unique landscape that during the time has become the tourism heritage in the area.

Before being built the artificial lake at the Iron Gates - Porțile de Fier - , the Danube has created its own spectacle here: the Large Boiler and Small Boiler. In these areas the river narrowed more and more and maritime traffic became more difficult. The power of water created bubbles which gave the impression of vortices. Therefore, the right name for these places was the ”boilers”, remaining in people's memory as one of the most attractive places of the Danube.

When the artificial lake was built, a part of the village was moved, a phenomenon which gave rise to many legends told by the locals, especially about the evident boiling water between the rocks.

They have remained rather the stories of travelers who presented the boilers as a frightful space, where ships passed with difficulty, facing the fury of the Danube that formed dangerous vortices to not challenge.

get boiling :: get grooving

info from imperialtransilvania.com

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