2020 Haddon Heights Farmers' Market Vendor Application
This form is for vendors wishing to sell items during the HHFM May thru October regular season. There is no guarantee that your application will result in participation at the Market, but all applications will be reviewed and considered. If your farm/business is selected for participation, you will be contacted by the Farmers' Market Administrator.

We must reject any food product that is prepared in a home kitchen.

All vendors selling food will be required to get approval and licensing from the Camden County Health Department. Please note having a certified food business does not guarantee your product will be approved for sale in a Market environment by the Health Department.
Email address *
Name *
Business/Farm/Organization Name *
Business Liability Insurance Policy Number *
All Vendors, including Non-Profits must be able to provide HHFM with Proof of Business Liability Insurance.
Vendors and Non-Profits that are selected for participation shall show proof of insurance and any
other Health Department permits.

For Liability Insurance please name as an additional insured:
HIP Haddon Heights Farmers Market
133 E. Atlantic Avenue, Haddon Heights, NJ 08035
Please select what dates you are interested in. **Set-up is from 8:30 am to 9 am** *
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Phone number
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Write a short description to be posted on the website and social media accounts. This can include: mission statement; how long you have been in business; the focus of your business; what inspires you; what separates you from your competition; what is most rewarding about what you do and why?) *
Click each checkbox to confirm acceptance of the following requirements: *
Applicants who are awarded opportunities at the HHFM under these specifications shall indemnify and hold harmless Haddon Heights in Progress, Haddon Heights Farmers' Market and the Borough of Haddon Heights, its officers, employees, agents, and servants from any and all claims, demands, suits, actions, recoveries, judgments, costs and expenses including attorney fees, incurred to suffered on account of property damage or loss and/or personal injury, including loss of life of any person, agency, servants or subcontractors in the performance of the work described in these specifications. The applicant further agrees that this indemnification by the applicant shall continue after completion of the Haddon Heights Farmers' Market season for all claims, demands suits, actions, recoveries, judgements, costs and expenses including attorneys fees resulting from acts or omissions the applicant, its employees, agents, servants or subcontractors which occur prior to the completion of the season. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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