Journaling Journeys Submission
Thanks for your interest in contributing to my new guest series Journaling Journeys. In this series I want to explore the different ways people are using journaling and planning to improve their daily lives and increase their creativity and productivity.

This series is not just limited to Bullet Journaling! Any type of journaling or planning is welcome.

To help more people figure out how to unlock their creativity and productivity I want to show all of the different varied ways that people use different systems of journaling which is where you come in!
By sharing your experience you'll be helping to inspire more people to pick up the life-changing habit of journaling and planning.

You can see an example of the completed blog post here:

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at
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Submission Requirements
Total response needs to be over 500 words so please go into detail in your responses. One sentence answers won't be considered.

Please provide at least 2 photos of your journal (more if you want to!) - submissions with high quality pictures and detailed answers will receive preference.
Please provide a picture for your bio so my readers can see your lovely face!

If you aren’t confident editing photos then please just make sure you have a high quality picture (not zoomed in or edited), with a good amount of natural light - I can edit photos for the blog post myself.

By submitting your response you give me permission to edit your writing for readability and SEO optimisation.

Once published the content is the property of Stationery Magpie.

Links to instagram/pinterest/youtube will be published on the post to give you credit
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Please provide an author bio - tell us about who you are, where you're from, your background/career/studies. Anything about your lifestyle that is relevant to your journaling journey.
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What kind of journal do you currently use? *
Which notebook/system do you currently use and why did you choose that system?
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How did you begin your journaling journey? *
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What areas of your life has journaling had the biggest impact on? *
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Were you surprised by anything when you started Journaling? How did your journaling process change or develop? *
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What advice do you have for someone wanting to start a journal? *
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Anything else you want to say about your Journaling Journey?
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Please upload 3 pictures of your journal to a google drive folder and submit the link below (make sure link sharing is turned on) if there are any issues or if you would rather email the pictures please email them to with the subject 'Journaling journeys submission'
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