Open Letter to Arts Commons re: Jordan Peterson
July 24, 2018

To the Board of Directors of Arts Commons,

On behalf of Calgary’s artist-run centres, and our community at large, we are writing today to express our deep shock and disappointment with your choice to host Jordan Peterson for a forthcoming talk on July 27, 2018.

The toxic, and often violent, rhetoric touted by Peterson—whose quasi-academic ideas are misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, and racist—wholly undermines the important work that our communities have been doing, and continue to do, in the vein of striving to support equality and productive action against things such as misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, and racism. Members of our communities are actively attending, working and presenting in Arts Commons, which raises concerns of safety during Peterson’s event.

Peterson’s portfolio includes: opposing Bill C-16, which amends the Canadian Human Rights Act to include the right to freedom of gender identity and gender expression—admitting these comments regarding Bill C-16 may be classified as hate speech under Canadian law; espousing regressive ideas of masculinity and fear of women’s rights which galvanize young men towards violent behaviour towards women and minorities; speculating that “feminists avoid criticizing Islam because they unconsciously long for masculine dominance”; and advocating that amicable divorce should not have been legalized in the 1960s.

We are deeply disappointed that Arts Commons has made the unconscionable decision to support Petersons’ values by virtue of hosting this talk, as many of the arts organizations and artists working within your venue would readily balk at being associated with such ideas. As Arts Commons continually hosts a broad and diverse intersection of audiences and artists, we ask you to consider the impact of your decision to present this talk. The dangerous ideas that Peterson stands and advocates for mongers hatred and discrimination against many of our staff, volunteers, interns, Board members, artists, and community members. Moreover, many of our organizations program spaces within Arts Commons; many of our community members have worked with and within Arts Commons. Hosting Peterson’s talk, and by extension endorsing his ideas, makes Arts Commons an unsafe place for many of us to be working in and with. Arts Commons is incontrovertibly not an appropriate venue for this event.

Often, Peterson and his followers claim that protesting him is akin to censorship, folding ideas of free speech into this conversation—a fundamental abuse of these ideas which are meant to protect, not be weaponized. Note that we are not writing this letter simply because we disagree with Peterson’s views; we feel that any individual or group of people, Peterson in this case, whose ideas and actions directly jeopardize the safety and freedom of others is partaking in transgressions to fundamental human rights. In hosting Peterson for a talk, Arts Commons is wholly complicit in such transgressions.

We are writing this letter to urge you to cancel this event, or to work with the presenters to find an alternative venue that will not put the audiences and communities that frequent Arts Commons at risk. Giving space and credence to ideas such as those held by Peterson undermines so much of the work that we do daily to strive for equality and justice not only in our communities, but in Calgary, and in Canada, at large.

As an organization that purports to, “do the right thing - behaving with integrity, applying professionalism, being honest, and erring on the side of grace” we expect you to be beholden to these values. Hosting Jordan Peterson for a talk entirely undermines this aim.


For the immediate cancelation of the Jordan Peterson talk, and any future talks or other
events with this individual.

To implement better diversity training for all staff, including administration and board members, on 2SLGBTQIA issues, including outreach for BIPOC queer communities.

To issue a public apology to the 2SLGBTQIA community.


Natasha Chaykowski, Director, Untitled Art Society
Kaylee Maciejko, Programming and Facilities Coordinator, Untitled Art Society
Toni Cormier, Intern Outreach Coordinator, Untitled Art Society

Ginger Carlson, Director, TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary
Richelle Bear Hat, Engagement Coordinator, TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary
Jessie Short, Programming Coordinator, TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary

Areum Kim, Director, Stride Gallery

Taylor Harder, Intern Equity Liaison, Stride Gallery,
YYCVOICES Board Member,
TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary Board Member

Su Ying Strang, Director, The New Gallery
Claire Coutts, Programming Coordinator, The New Gallery
Trent Warner, Board Member, The New Gallery

Desiree Nault, Artistic Director, M:ST Performative Art Festival Society
Palmer Olson, Board Director, M:ST Performative Art Festival Society

Michelle Robinson, VOICESYYC Board Member,
Liberal Party Member,
Indigenous Peoples’ Commission Member,
Calgary Ward 10 Candidate

cc: R. Scott Hutcheson, Chairperson of the Board, Johann Zietsman, President and CEO of Arts Commons

Signed in support of this letter and its demands:

Magnus Tiesenhausen
Jeremy Pavka
Zoe wonfor
Jenna Klein-Waller
Abdi Osman
Jill Henderson
chloe frost
Nine Kennedy
Emma Brockelbank
Teresa Tam
Liam O'Neill Gordon
Jaime McDonald
Farris Sobhani
Shauna Thompson
Kim Currie
Elyse Bouvier
Ashley Bedet
Kyle Beal
Jess Nicol
Ciara McKeown
Molly Caldwell
Rod Moody-Corbett
Brett Bonk
Jade Nasogaluak Carpenter
Stacey Watson
Jodi Miller
Ann Thrale
Melanie Lowe
Felix Tuba
Sarah Todd
Kirstie McCallum
Zimra Beiner
Paul Meunier
Adora Nwofor
Bradley Burroughs
Maeve Hanna
Ashleigh Bartlett
Zoey Duncan
Cleo Sallis-Parchet
Katherine Russell
Craig Fahner
Shannon Hawthorne
Carissa Gem
Brandon Giessmann
Emily McNiven
Danni bauer
Stephanie Sokolowski
Jacqueline Huskisson
Chelsey Schafer
Amber McLinden
Jocelyn Tellier
Lee Deranger
Marianne Williams
Nicole Kelly Westman
Leah Nicholson
Veronica Lawrence
Nazneen Doyle
Jeannie Gorrie
Jill Hartman
Rachel MacKinnon
Rachel Rose
Leah Pavlick
Adele Brunnhofer
Adrian A Stimson
Connor Gould
Julia Gunst
Daniella Sanader
Julie McLaughlin
Samantha Fortin
Chelsea Watson
Justin Waddell
Heather Stephens
Elizabeth PITURA
Krystal Northey
Sarmad Rizvi
Tara Dobson
Jared D. Mersault
Rosemary Thomas
Tim Ho
Dean Morrison
Reanna Teske
James want
Rainer B
Liljana Martin
Kelly Mandeville
Lisa Sudeikat
Stasha Huntingford
Alicia Buates McKenzie
Dominique Damian-Wallace
Patricia Forrest
Frederic Bigras-Burrogano
Omar Lalani
Juliet burgess
Carrie Worthington
Meghan Durieux
Nes Ali
Kristen Lambert
Nikki Reimer
Anna Mae Alexander
Jonathan Middleton
Tina Vidak
Susannah Tastad
Karen Letch
Philip McCutcheon
Emily Kennedy
Thulasy Lettner
Kelsey Hipkin
Morgan Sea
Chelsea Mondini
Jacqueline Aquines
Conrad Marion
Lowell Smith
Ken Buera
Noelle Sawchuk
Becky Russell
Karen Bjerrisgaard
Peter Starr
Lindsey Sharman
Rory Allen
Sasha Lavoie
Amy Finn
Stuart Bentley
Amanda Burgener
Andrea Llewellyn
Keiran Foster
Saima Jamal
Chloe Lum
Mikka Jacobsen
Morgan Cairns
Andrew Hume
Kathrine Acorn
Douglas Murdoch
Dymphny Dronyk
Kris Argent
Sinéad Ludwig-Burgess
Alisha Marie Adams
Tom Melvin
Mark Hopkins
Christopher Donovan
Dylan Paré
Aashna Josh
Erin McFarlane
Leslie Evans
Peter Allen
Stacey Korsbrek
Suzana R.
Geneviève Dale
Al Pujo
Amanda L
Rebecca Ouellette
Finn Lucullan
Hope Madison Fay
Seth Leon
Sarah Winstanley
Heather Huston
kent merriman jr
Ashley Scarlett
Shay Manerikar
Kirk Ramdath
Taylor Derkson-Harder
Jenna Winter
Brennan Harder
Sarah Moldaver
Liam Devitt
Nicole Bracey
James Hill
Noah Michael
Philipp Fradkin
Kida Marie Luttrell
Anna Johnson
Tanya Rosser
Catherine Speechley-Pell
Sameen Ashraf
Valerie Siu
Edward Mitchell
Desirae Stoodley
Sasha PIerce
Amy Swanson
Alexa McGinn
Claire Becq
Jesse Stilwell
Leigh Beacom
Suzanne Tiemstra
Diana Sherlock
Shannon Leahy
Jason Mehmel
Brianna Asham
Kim Martin
Marisa Burston
Ashley Ohman
Madeleine MacDonald
Allison Dunne
Sarah Kucharski
zoë vessia
Lea Arini
Jol Thoms
Jennah Martens-Forrester
Tiffany Rose
Ashley Ohman
Tamara Augsten
Amanda Hohmann
Alana Bartol
Kelly Pleau
B Timmerman
Jenn Taylor
Quinn Ceplis
jake moore
Quinn King
Arif Ansari
Nadine Pearson
Mallory A
Emily Gove
David Ly
Joan Sarro
Kate Larking
Kristal Wallace
Cassandra Bullis
Colleen Seto
Rebecca Holm
Angela White
Brock Haug
Ashley Hartley
Lindsay Vala
Dana Sears
Corinne Ofstie
Melissa Carr
Stacey Woodward
Lauren Chipeur
Angela Bateman
Heather Osborne
Teresa Wong
Brianne Service
Laura Bardsley
Kathleen Moors
Linda Sutton
Kara Artym
Sascha Kramps
Laura Castle
Whitney Ota
Carson Brommeland
Marina Giacomin
Rachel Dornian
Maja Weibe
Elisabeth van Assum
Tian-Hui Li
Chantal Snodgrass
Alexander Kurth
Rachel Smith-Gay
Aleksandra Danicic
Megan Parker
Zinnia Naqvi
Elizabeth Booth
Amy Spray
Caleb Simonovic
Nancy Davis
Harvey Hinton
Morgan Smith
Scott Foster
Steph Perrin
Paula Jean
Kara Artym
Jodie Gastel
Margot Loveseth
Amanda Puerzer
Ayşe Tuzlak
Nat Ellis
Liz Shannon
Annie Dudder
Taryn H
Domini Packer
Susan Cahill
Lucy Altrows
Sandra Huber
Kelsey Noble
Dana McAvoy
Bridget Moser
Noel Bégin
Polly Orr
Vanessa Conley
Elisha Haw
Stephanie Gough
Laurel Foshay
Kathleen Guevremont
Ben Finn
Larissa Blokhuis
Lexx Ambrose
Amy Brooks
Rory Haywood
Megan Borg
Emily Dueck
Darren Creech
Brandon Murray
Marina Cottim-Moreira
Mike Crampton
Amy LeBlanc
Jake Klein-Waller
Jordan Bolay
Sarah Kelly
Danielle St Amour
Kelela Doerksen
Mackenzie Henderson
Bob Stitzenberger
Nicole Olson Grant-Suttie
Svea Ferguson
Amber Korbo
Maura Roberts
Charlene Campo
Johanna Schwartz
Scott Westby
Rod Navarro
Derek Simmers
Becca Taylor
Tom Miller
Pam Tzeng
Shannon Beshara
Chris Evans
Jeffrey Van Alstine
Karin McGinn
Shara Rashka
Kimberly A. Williams, Ph.D.
Nick Howe
Jade Mah-Vierling
Robin Alex McDonald
Benjamin Bruneau
Cindy Baker
Hannah Guinan
Garret C Smith
Catherine O
Jenny Laing
Jessica McIntosh
Timothy Woolvett
Mike Tan
Amanda Foote
judy sims
Mathew James
Stephanie Lindstedt
Kathleen Janzen
Anna Waller
Rebecca Brown
Meneka Repka
Cormac Linehan
Taylor Solberg
Donna Venzi
Madison Jordheim
Jaclyn Barker
Red Davis
Shuyin Yu
Janay Baade
Amy Skinner
Nicola Waugh
Tammy Salzl
Sara Anderson
Gregory Palermo
Joseph McGuire
Larry A. Smith
Teresa Vander Meer-Chasse
Cornelia Wyngaarden
Mick Brambilla
Milena Radzikowska, MDes PhD
Anna Synenko
Justine Skahan
Jane Grace
Samantha Lyoness
Leslie Bell
Arielle Rombough
Alana Leprich
Tonya Callaghan
Thomas Hepburn
Steven Bjornson
Chris Austman
Catherine MacPhee
John Calvelli
Kim Smith
Heather Plimmer
Craig Evans
Maegan Broadhurst
Derek Kitchen
Benjamin Groh
Calvin Chow
Sarah Broad
Andrew Keachie
James Demers
Kayleigh Swartzlander
Danielle Rice
Ember Cescon
Maud Salvi
Rebecca Schooten
charlie paget
Luke Pickett
Sally Mayne
Cameron Mitchell
Andrea Csikos
Audrey Yun
Steven Rosia
Naomi Potter
Aidan Vair
Talia Potter
Jordan Schinkel
Richard Steele
Donna Skinner
Nicholas Tufts
Avis Robin Belcourt
Audrey Burch
Cara Tierney
Krista Spencer
Patricia Duquette
Bre Christie
Laura Reid
Lee Brocklebank
Leslie Sharpe
Julia Polyck-O’Neill
Christopher Demler
Kaeden Seburn
Erdem Taşdelen
Renee Kirby
Taylor Johnson
Paul Cowling
John Turner
Dino Paoletti
Alexia Mitchell
Erín Moure
Linnea Dixon
Brittney Bear Hat
Carolyn Jervis
Lesley Hinger
Julia Kansas
Bryce Maruk
Jonathan H Alfaro
Hannah Cohen
Shawn Hubbard
Morgan Campbell
Hans Wackershauser
Genevieve Flavelle
Tova Fertal
Raf Wilcot
Scott Dueck
Lori Hoffman
Lisa Blaxley
Polina Teif
Lisa Cheah
Salome Froese
Shyla Wolf
Megan Hepburn
Jesse Dollimont
Jadda Tsui
Ryan Shiskowski
Morgan Entriken
Candace Paragus
Ashley Owens
Jillian Demontigny
Emma Coldwell
Jennifer LeBlanc
Lana Curle
Kate Newby
Barnaby Bennett
Mohammad Rezaei
Mariel Buckley
Lobsang Tseten
Elizabeth Milton
Tim Nguyen
Megan Freeman
Katrina Muller
Helena Liang
Mike Czuba
Daniel Koyata
Robyn Rechenmacher
Britta Fluevog
Stephanie Enns
Kelsey McColgan
Michelle Schultz
Pierre Quinn
Joel Kaye
Caitlyn Rinne
Colleen Bishop
Carlin Brown
Amanda Liz Cutting
Leah Hollinsworth
Pierre Quinn
Karen Fleury
Suzen Statz
Tim Ford
Devon Beggs
Pierre Quinn
Karen Fleury
Suzen Statz
Tim Ford
Devon Beggs
Olivia Golosky
Michelle McAulay
Shannon Lyons
Dennis Fitzgerald
Melanie Figueroa
Sean O’Brien
Tristin knox
Sabrina Buzzalino
Fiona Burrows
Aeryn Twidle
Kristen Webber
Danielle Scott
Elizabeth Diggon
Jayme Halas
Ben M
Rebecca Smyth
Rebecca Geleyn
Miriah Bastien
Rachael Chaisson
David Baril
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louis esmé
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Pardeep Jaswal
Laurel Carter
Charles Blanc
Wendy Walker
Allison Walters
Mark Robinson-Horejsi
Dana Buzzee
Tamara Lee
Daniel Levinson
Kari D
Tristin knox
Sabrina Buzzalino
Fiona Burrows
Aeryn Twidle
Kristen Webber
Danielle Scott
Elizabeth Diggon
Jayme Halas
Ben M
Rebecca Smyth
Rebecca Geleyn
Miriah Bastien
Rachael Chaisson
David Baril
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louis esmé
Pardeep Jaswal
Laurel Carter
Charles Blanc
Wendy Walker
Allison Walters
Mark Robinson-Horejsi
Dana Buzzee
Tamara Lee
Daniel Levinson
Kari D
Kyle Cyr
Ingrid Moore
Kurtis Yu
Mary-Kate Handforth
Hazel Meyer
Constance Cooke
Jennifer Dickieson
Jeremy Klug
Lindsay Sorell
Felicity Hart
Tim Suddaby
Elaine Pauls
Andy N
Harpinder Sidhu
Skye Louis
Perry Fortune
Shawn Petsche
Jennifer Lealand
Jeremy Stewart
Jarrett Edmund
Andrea Zurawicz
Nicole Swanson
Ashley Bristowe
Lauren Acheson
Taryn Hamilton
Jennie Thorp-Vallis
Cat Schick
Kate Kennedy
Louise Casemore
Gael James
Anj Fermor
Nicole L
Christian Louden
Megan Kerluke
Beth Walsh
Dhruhi Shah
Kelli Morning Bull
Becca L
Juan Sanchez
Sam Jeffery
Noah BAker
Christine Comrie
Son Edworthy
Tania Sablatash
Vicki Chau
Cassandra Watson
Jenn Thomas
Shaun Mallonga
Cheryl Witoski
jason wydra
Rosie Boardman
Carla Fedje
Heather Buchanan
Sarah Chikoski
Nathan Iles
Jesse Zimmerman
Nick H
Lacey Wilson
Fiona Carnie
Anton Cu Unjieng
Patrick Fitzsimmons
Brandy Basisty
Amanda Marcil
Violet Costello
Joshua Loberg
Joanna Iles
Steven J. Hodges
Taylor Poitras
Chloe H
Steven J. Hodges
Taylor Poitras
theo nelson
Victoria Banner
John Knight
Celia Zhang
Alberta Williams
Alison Hugill
Adam Drew
Rick Yoder
Cameron Nixon
Nicolas Bergeron
Chelsey Rhodes
Christian Morneau
Graham Lyons
Samantha Brothers
Carl Bishop
Lisa Marr-Laing
Evangelos Lambrinoudis
Molly Staley
Danelle White
Ashley Millette
Michelle Bickley
Melanie Gaudet
Christopher Duthie
Kelly Maskey
Caleb Gordon
Angie Arsenault
Keely schneider
Alissa Carson
Nicolae Ceausescu
Brad Cooke
Mallory Eagles
Jade Vida Delisle
Robin Grouette
Matt Hammer
Kaylee Rae
Chelsea Niekamp
Carlan Hughes
Marisa Mireau
Anna Alger
Sarah Birkeland
Alexandria McCormick
Christopher Jess
Jacquelyn Ross
Mike Willie
Shannon Roe
Brielle Ansems
David Tkach
Matthew Oswald
Barbara Weber
Ari Agha
Donna Thorsten
Jeremy Clarke
Megan Vignal
Dallas Barnes
Nillin Dennison
Ryan Bekolay
Kelly D. Brown
Alicia Dowell
Melissa Wenzel
Ashley Bouman
Kenneth C. Durham
Samantha Templeton
Rebecca Schreiner
Joel Farris
Warren Greeves
Julie Rak
Joanna Drummond
Emily Summers
Nicholas Laugher
AL Palmer
Hunzah Hayat
Heather Ganes
Ap Mol
Thea Reid
Andrea V
John Samarron
Ashley Humphreys
Mars Loveseth
Heather Samarron
Brandon Nelson
Justin Quaintance
Shama Rangwala
Diane Scaman
James Wade
Neema Khalili
Ashleigh Pressey
Jolie Bird
Magdalen Rose
Danie Shelfoon iniestra
Erin Woodward
Darren Young
Alicia Segura
Jonathan Alphonsus
Rich Cole
Alyssa Ellis
Gabriel Aclassi
Liam Prost
Selina Clary
Kyle Brenders
Tessa Hatheway
Lynn Sabourin
Sara Turner
Brendan Goss
Heather Matthews
Elizabeth Sentner
Bryan Smith
Umaima Baig
Leanne Melathopolous
Nicole Teed
David Coates
Sarah D. Hines
Brian Stanko
Danika Bezuidenhout
Sarah C. Poffenroth
Kelly Murphy
Susan MacAulay
Philip MacAulay
Mel McLeod
Alana Luft
Drew Saly
Monique Olivier
Sarah Mathison
Brooke Russell
Minal Patel
Grayson Richards
Kaleb Dell
Keith Guinn
Tanya Freed
Nicole Hounjet
Bernadette Hodder
Mo Ghaleb
sophie wonfor
Ian Samuels
Kayla Morn
Kathryn Whelan
Sarah Argent
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Richard Friesen
Erika Vincent
Freya MacLean
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Amelia Newbert
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Sara Baxter
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Suzanne Hermary
Jessica Haggeman
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Vanessa Dagatan
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Emma McCaul
Leslie Bedard
Frankie Hart
Rebecca Theobald
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Franca Haesler
Katherine Bleakley
Litia Fleming
Joon Hee Park
Katia Grubisic
Julia McMillan
Zoe c.Syl
Braydon Beaulieu
Joe Rogan
Keava Mooney
Dan Baird
Dallas Anderson
Lindsay Porter
Douglas Ajele-Campbell
Alexis Motuz
Karen Mitchell
Tiffany Saxton
James Bourne
Andrea Ciaramella
Kyle Lund
Mikael Lyngaas
Sally Raab-Wolchyn
Alina Cox
Yusheng Qiu
Jennifer Rogers
Ron Janke
Crystle Reid
Dana Codding
Jessica Myatt
Tom Sewel
Leah Van Loon
Colleen Langford
Melissa Bellingham
Stephanie E.
Lorraine Gale
Duncan J
Gabriel Shaffer
Katie O’Brien
Karie Liao
Susanne Aaltonen
Carli Castle
Evan Cameron
Celiese Lypka
Abbey Bennett
Geneva Haley
Nicole Kaczkowski
Craig Stewart
HJ Hornbeck
Rachel Braeuer
Alana Delisle
John Ferguson
Andrew Noakes
Orvis Starkweather
John Richardson
Louise Kyle
Theo Wiebe
Merry Chellas
Kaely Cormack
Lex van der Raadt
Matthew Thomson
Joanne Osborne-Paulson
Lindsey Wiebe
Brendan Wade
Douglas Barbour
Mitchell Chalifoux
Erin Sneath
Charlotte Aksenchuk
Caitlin McCann
Courtney Bennett
Laura Elena Tinoco
Justin Chase Jones
Tomas Jonsson
Danielle Archer
Logan Lape
Benito Camela
Andrea Oakunsheyld
Elisabeth Belliveau
Thomas Story
Colin Martin
Kate Andrews
Andrew Rabyniuk
Maya Inglis
Mel Vee
Sam Harris
Nikita Carter
Sarah Trower
Vincent Law
Trevor Stark
Rebecca brown
Janet Wilson
Jemima Dixon
Chloe Gust
Kathryn Blanchard
Pam Pikkert
Donovan Deschner
Ken Andrews
Ashley Caranto Morford
Christie Schulze
Rebekah Andrews
Danielle Gibbie
Corin Sworn
Michaela Stephen
Merion Hodgson
Graham Macaulay
Jeff Schauff
Kristy Trinier
Stephen welch
Caitlyn Watfa
Shane Cross
Robin Lambert
Gabriel Esteban Molina
Angela Ambrose
Anik Bull
Seth Cardinal Dodginghorse
Joanna Farley
Jesse Beilman
Todd Evanger
Elizabeth Babych
Derrick Chang
Megan Gibson
Gus DeJedun
Hayden Dallison
Jaclyn Wong
Harbaksh Sekhon
Alexandra Bischoff
Renaldo smith
Carmen Victor
Louise Tyminski
April Kargard
Chloe VT
Jocelyn Reid
Carly Checholik
Nell Saba
Friedemann Sallis
Angela Yee
Anna Hoang
Jeremy Craig
Jeff Rodier
Naomi Austin
Jason Rasmussen
Emma Campbell
Allison Heinen
Gina Veres
Marta Gorski
Claire Hill
Valerie Planche
Maddison Klein
Connor McRae
Jane Christensen
Graham Power
Ben Rowe
Shannon Anderson
Rob Maciak
Anna Wissell
Victoria Stanford
Carrie Yap
Shane Golby
Evan Ardiel
Karen MacDonald
Shannon Towson
Pamela Haskell
Talia Murchie
Sadie Avery
Shawn J Magee
Amy Ferris
Alyssa Hartwell
Blair Cote
Cole Mash
Ian Lane
Jackie Janes
Shannon Dougherty
Erin Vance
Bronwyn Berg
ida eriksen
Kerry-Leigh Fox
Michael V. Smith
Lucas Regazzi
Caitlin Mosher
Bonchamin Dregerous
Yoke-Sum Wong
Allison Brown
Sydney Johnson
Jon Cross
Torin McLachlan
David Borkenhagen
Joseph Ren
Chelsea Bartlett
Derek Sayer
Danielle Hyde
Frances Kruk
Will Hauck
Amanda Coleman
Janelle Syring
Devonn Drossel
Lia Harding
Jesse Stilwell
Brendan McCabe

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