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Scientia is a biannual journal produced by the UChicago chapter of The Triple Helix (TTH) that publishes original undergraduate research. The journal features articles from a wide variety of fields within the social, physical, and life sciences, and proudly displays these diverse topics together in an effort to further the interdisciplinary mission of The Triple Helix. We are currently looking for writers for the Spring Edition of the 2016-2017 academic year.

Writer Position Description: Writers are the foundation of any journal, and that is no less true for Scientia. We are looking for writers of full-length research articles, abstracts, works in progress, and Inquiries (professor interviews).

Applications are due by 11:59 pm on January 22nd. Please direct questions to or Thanks!

Full-Length Research Article
A report of an original research project that emulates the style and format of real academic research papers. The research must have been completed predominantly by the student under an official research laboratory. The research article should feature in-depth information on the background, methods, results, and conclusions of the research project. We highly encourage submissions from multiple disciplines, such as chemistry, physics, and biology.
A brief description (a paragraph) of original research conducted by the student. The abstract addresses the background information, methods, results, conclusions, and relevance of the given project. The emphasis of the abstract should be the findings of the experiment.
An article that discusses an in-depth interview conducted by the student for a particular faculty member. Articles commonly address the career trajectory, the research interests, and the goals/motivations of the faculty member. Interested writers must have a faculty member in mind before applying.
Works in Progress (NEW*)
A submission about ongoing research that you are performing in your research laboratory. A submission includes a description of relevant background information, the goals of your research project, the methodology of your research, and the potential impact of your project. Having concrete results is not required, hence "works in progress."
Photo Submission (NEW*)
Separate submission form. Please click below for the photo submission form.
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Class Year
(2020, 2019, 2018...etc)
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How did you hear about Scientia?
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Please describe any experience with the Triple Helix or any other editing and writing experience.
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What would you like to write?
Proposed title
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If you are submitting a full length article, please submit a detailed abstract. However, if you are submitting an abstract or works in progress, a brief description of your research is sufficient at this stage. If you are submitting an inquiry, please name a professor that you would like to interview and briefly describe their research.
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If you are submitting original research, please describe where the research was conducted.
Was your project part of summer research program or an internship? Have you been working at a lab on campus?
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Be on the lookout for our Scientia Winter Edition at the entrances of campus science buildings (Kent, BSLC...etc). Coming soon!
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