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For example, I wanted to make more money, so I had the idea to approach my previous mentor, but im scared to approach him, for almost 3 years now. because partly im ashamed because even though I have some success, I still feel like i didn't live up to his expectation. But I know intuitively I have to reach out to him. So since starting this seek discomfort challenge, I was like fuck it, let's do this. And I messaged him. And next thing you know, I'm enrolled in one of his coaching. And he didn't judge me at all. It was all inside my head. So yeah, this is the kind of discomfort that we're talking about. So please share yours in detail. Be as honest as possible as we all are here to help each other grow.
Are you committed to put aside RM50 a month? *
Here's what gonna happen. Everyone will put money to play this discomfort game. At the end of each month, the one who overcome the most and the greatest discomfort wins the pool of money. Of course, we will put aside money for 1st place, 2nd place and so on. This will be discussed when you're in. And this will also help us filter out people who are not serious. Who's all talk but no action.
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