匈牙利藝術家Tamas Szvet湯明煦:led by Tamas Szvet
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在研討會期間,參與者將使用 VR 圖畫書創建自己的 360 度空間。During the workshop participants will use a VR coloring book to create their own 360 space.


A Virtual Reality Drawing Book?

If you like Taiwan, and the Arts, the VRTAIWAN drawing book is for you. It will allow you to take an imaginary journey, while creating your own Virtual Reality. Your colorful drawings will become a sphere, and with your phone, or a VR headset, you will be able to look around and actually step inside. The decade-long artistic research that led to this publication delves into the artistic possibilities of Virtual Reality as a tool for education. Especially when online learning is a necessity, and when a pandemic isolates us, we need to find creative ways to connect.
While this drawing book can fill you with the joy of coloring, and at the same time engage you with the excitement of technology, it may also lower your stress, while allowing you to step out of your three-dimensional confines, open your mind, and travel to a world with unlimited possibilities.
虛擬實境繪圖清單 / VR DRAWING WORKSHEET: 臺灣府城古城門―大南門、大東門、小西門.臺南 / The gates of Taiwan Fu-Cheng City Wall - Great South Gate, Great East Gate, Little West Gate, Tainan City
場次&時間 / Sessions & Time
2021/11/13 (六)
🥽 16:00-18:00

2021/11/14 (日)

最多 20 組可以參加一個會話。團體可以是家庭、情侶、朋友,最多 6 人。

前 20 個團體註冊後,註冊將關閉。

● 講師:Tamas SZVET 湯明煦
● 地點:森山市集 (台南美術館2號館後面的圓形劇場
● 報名費:500元
● 抵達時付款。


2021/11/13 (Sat)
🥽 16:00-18:00

2021/11/14 (Sun)
🥽 16:00-18:00

Up to 20 groups can participate in a session. Groups can be families, couples, friends, up to 6 people.

After the first 20 groups have registered, the registration will be closed.

● Lecturer: Tamas SZVET
● Venue: Moriyama Market (The amphitheater behind Tainan Art Museum Hall 2
● Registration fee: 500 NTD
● Payment upon arrival.

Please check-in at 15:40 in the 「舞台A」
Show the confirmation letter(sent after registration) at the entrance, so you could come in faster!

請帶上手機 😂 Please bring your phone
工作正在進行中 / work-in-progress
360 / VR
講師:Tamas SZVET 湯明煦
Tamas SZVET 湯明煦
生於1982年,匈牙利的索爾沃什。湯明煦曾分別在匈牙利的布達佩斯和荷蘭的阿姆斯特丹求學。他在2018年獲得Hungarian University of Fine Arts 的藝術博士學位,目前在台灣的新竹居住及工作。

Born in 1982 in Hungary, Szvet studied in Budapest, and in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He received his Doctorate in Liberal Arts from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2018. He is living and working in Hsinchu, Taiwan.
Szvet is fascinated by visual perception and ways of seeing. His artistic research wants to challenge what we think our vision’s boundaries are and the ways we can push those boundaries down and see the world with fresh eyes.

Website : https://szvet.blogspot.com/2021/06/vrtaiwan.html

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/vrtaiwan/

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPdbFzJ9aoI&list=PLRt_tbO739RUoo5G5zWlRhVFXY-Q5g6BW&ab_channel=TamasSZVET
參加者將獲得以下物品 / Participant will receive the following items.:
Registration Information. Please fill in the form to sign up.
註冊會話 / Register a Session *
您的姓名 (如果是一個組,只寫一個名字:) NAME (if it is a group, just write one name:) *
聯絡手機號碼 / MOBILE NUMBER *
溫馨提醒 / Reminder
𝟭) 為了兼顧所有準時上課學生的權益,課程將準時開始。建議提前10-15分鐘到現場報到。
𝟮) 為了保持教學質量和空間的使用,請與我們一起保持乾淨整潔的環境,不要在現場留下垃圾和飲料。
𝟯) 完成註冊後,如需取消,請寫信至szvettamas@gmail.com

𝟭) In order to take into account the rights and interests of all students attending the class on time, the course will start on time. It is recommended to report to the site 10-15 minutes in advance.
𝟮) In order to maintain the quality of teaching and the use of space, please work with us to maintain a clean and tidy environment, and leave no rubbish or drinks on site.
𝟯) After completing the registration, if you need to cancel, please write to szvettamas@gmail.com
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