Verified Mark Certificate request
Thank you for your interest in obtaining a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC). It is important for us to collect all the necessary information from you to simplify the process as much as possible.

Before you start please note, that you will need to provide multiple contacts:
- The Authorization Contact and Contract Signer can be the same person. The Contract Signer will accept the Entrust agreement and can be a separate person if needed.
- The Higher Authority MUST be a separate person, as this contact will be used to independently confirm the Authorization Contact and Contract Signer

It is important that one of these 3 contacts be able to complete the identity verification process which includes online video verification interview and in person meeting with the notary.

VMC pricing (per year):

VMC Certificate (1 Logo + 1 domain) - $1299
addition domains in certificate - $499/each

By filling out this form you agree to data processing of the provided information by Mailkit and Entrust Datacard for the purposes of issuing a VMC and communications related to BIMI and VMC.
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Email *
Certificate domain *
Enter the domain name for which you are requesting a VMC certificate. The domain must match the sending domain and must pass the BIMI validation at If you need VMC for multiple domains, please enter comma separated list of all domains that will be using the same logo. For domains wil distinct logos please fill out this form separately for each logo.
Logo URL *
Please provide URL to your logo in SVG format. This should be the same SVG used in your existing BIMI record or an SVG you intend to use and subject to verification.
Trademark information
As Verified Mark Certificate process requires an existence of a trademark, please provide us with the information about your trademark. This information is critical for the pre-vetting process.
Trademark office *
Select the trademark office you have registered your trademark with. Currently only the trademark offices listed are supported.
Trademark registration number *
Please provide the trademark registration number you have received from the trademark office selected above.
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