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Dear Members and Students,

In order to help the Institute to enhance its member services and to better understand your views on the Institute's future development, the Membership & Member Service Committee has launched the Members Survey 2019. We urge you to complete the survey to reflect your view and opinion of the Institute’s various matters.

Members and Students who have completed the Members Survey will be given $100 CPD coupon. The Secretariat will send out the coupon code by email in two weeks’ time. Please kindly take a few minutes to complete the Survey on or before 22 July 2019.

Your assistance to this survey would be very much appreciated.

If you have any enquiries regarding the Survey, please contact the Secretariat by telephone at 2810-0438 or email

Yours sincerely,
Alan Cheung
Chairman of Membership & Member Service Committee
The Taxation Institute of Hong Kong
1. What is your gender? *
2. Which age group do you belong to? *
3. Which is your employment sector? *
4. What is your company size? *
5. How long have you been a member of the Institute? *
6. What is the reason that you joined the Institute? (You can check more than one box) *
Member's Participation
7. Which of the following events have you attended? (You can check more than one box) *
8a. What kind of member’s activities would you be interested in?(You can check more than one box) *
8b. What would you suggest for future member’s activities?
Your answer
Social Activities
9. Do you think it is appropriate for the Institute to participate in community services, such as Community Chest Walk for a Million, Project WeCan etc.? *
10. How often should the Institute participate in community services?
Mainland China Liaison
11. Are you interested in joining the visits to PRC tax authorities? *
Greater Bay Area Development
12. Are you interested in knowing more about Greater Bay Area’s business opportunities for tax professionals in Hong Kong, and in sharing your views and suggestions? *
Member Benefits
13a. Please rank the value of the following member benefits with 1 being the least important and 4 being the most important. *
Association Event Discounts
CPD Promotion Discounts (if applicable)
Member Discount Benefits
Networking Event Discounts
13b. What would you suggest for future member benefits?
Your answer
Continuing Professional Development
14a. Which areas would you like the future seminars to cover? (Please rank the value of the following areas with 1 being the least important and 6 being the most important.) *
Australian Tax
Canadian Tax
China Tax
Hong Kong Tax
Macau Tax
US Tax
14b. Apart from the areas listed in Question 14a, what other area(s) would you like the Institute to cover in its future seminars?
Your answer
14c. Which topic(s) would you like to be included in the Institute’s future seminars? (You can check more than one box) *
14d. Apart from the topic listed in Question 14c, what other topics would you like the Institute to cover in its future seminar?
Your answer
Taxation Discussion Forum
15a. Have you ever attended the Institute’s taxation discussion forum in the past? *
15b. If no, please give your reason(s).
Your answer
The Institute has two publications: the Asia-Pacific Journal of taxation (APJT) and the Newsletter. The APJT is more a technical Journal recognized in the academic field. The Newsletter is a publication in recent years and provides quick update of what’s new in the taxation environment.

The link to visit APJT:
The link to visit Newsletter:
16a. How often do you read the APJT? *
16b. What do you think about the columns of the APJT? (Please rate the respective columns with 1 being the least useful and 5 being the most useful). *
Belt & Road Column
Hong Kong Technical Column
International Technical Column
Letters to the Editors
PRC Technical Column
16c. What topics do you want the APJT to cover in the future? Please suggest up to three topics.
Your answer
16d. What do you think about the new electronic APJT (the “E-Journal”), such as the archive database and the article search function? ( *
17a. How often have you read the Newsletter? *
17b. Would you mind if there are advertisements in the Newsletter? *
18. Have you received advertisement of promotion for the Institute’s activities, seminars via Facebook, email or newsletters? *
19. Are you aware of the Institute’s promotion of the Voluntary Tax Services through the Social Media? *
20. If no, do you have any suggestions for promoting the Voluntary Tax Services to the public?
Your answer
21. How often do you access the Institute’s website? *
22. What kind of additional information or internet service do you want the Institute to provide?(You can check more than one box) *
23. Do you like to receive the Institute’s circular, such as seminar flyer, survey, newsletter etc. by email? *
If you have further suggestions in respect of how the Institute could serve you, please provide your comment in the space below.
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If you want to receive the $100 CPD coupon, please fill in your name, membership no. and email, the Secretariat will be in touch with you later
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