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Joe Aufmuth
Membership is an issue every organization faces. Gaining new members and retaining them can be a struggle. Understanding why one joins an organization reveals some areas FL ASPRS can explore to cultivate, grow, and maintain its membership. In a November 2013 blog post at 4C Blog, 4CDesignWorks graphic designer Jacqueline McClellan contributed the top 10 reasons to join a professional organization. Five of the reasons are areas I believe my professional and personal experience will contribute to being an ASPRS Florida Region Director at Large: Building a better resume, Enhancing your network, Becoming a leader, Becoming a mentor, and Staying inspired/motivated. With those 5 reasons in mind, what approach can the Florida Region ASPRS take to answer the question “Why should I join, remain committed to, and be involved in FL-ASPRS?” To answer that question I asked myself as an ASPRS Florida Region member “what could FL-ASPRS offer to meet a geospatial professional’s needs?” To me, there are several possible activities I will pursue as a Director at Large: developing a mentor/mentee program, a resume review program, a leadership development program, and for “inspiration and motivation” a brainstorming session program.
How does my experience benefit FL-ASPRS? Working in the University of Florida libraries as a member of an academic institution where geospatial career paths are being chosen, launched, and developed there are many opportunities to promote ASPRS and specifically the Florida Region. I am engaged with many departments across the University that conduct geospatial research and education. My position requires that I keep up with today’s youth and the ever changing mediums students use to communicate their career counseling needs. I also receive requests to counsel past graduates on geospatial careers. Lastly, I collaborate and communicate with other libraries with geospatial programs which opens opportunities to promote or establish Florida Region chapters at other institutions. Working with the Florida Student Advisory Council would be a natural extension of my current responsibilities. Another current professional responsibility is mentoring colleagues in achieving their career goals. Prior to my public sector experience I was engaged in geospatial projects related to environmental consulting. Private sector projects gave me insights to the needs I shared with practicing geospatial industry professionals. Lastly, as past Mayor and current Commissioner for the Town of Micanopy, FL I have been engaged in leading and supporting a community.
Bryan Deslauriers, CP
As a Certified Photogrammetrist, Bryan Deslauriers, CP is well versed in national mapping policies and guidance standards. He has 12 years of professional experience and currently serves as the Team Leader for Quantum Spatial’s digital stereo compilation department. Bryan is responsible for monitoring stereoplotter model sets for absolute resolution of the project control, quality control of the digital collection of map features, and the digital collection of elevation data used for the generation of Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM) and contour mapping. For many projects, he guides and coordinates multiple work disciplines to meet the individual specifications of each project. Bryan began his career working on-site at the Maryland State Highway Administration performing asphalt analysis. While there, he became familiarized with quality assurance, reporting, and guidance procedures. Since joining Quantum Spatial in 2005, he has completed hundreds of projects providing imagery analysis of traditional, digital aerial and satellite imagery; photogrammetry; DTM/DEM; and remote sensing for federal, state, local, and utility clients. Bryan is knowledgeable in the use of DAT/EM's Summit Evolution, Microstation, ArcGIS, SOCET SET, and SoftPlotter feature extraction systems. He is an active member of the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and the Florida Surveying and Mapping Society. Additionally, Bryan has a Bachelors in Earth Science from Frostburg State University.
Jordan Kowenski
Jordan Kowenski currently serves as the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Department Manager for SurvTech Solutions in Tampa Florida. He is responsible for overseeing the safe and effective operation of three rotary-wing UAV platforms and a fixed-wing UAV platform used for both photogrammetry and LiDAR data acquisition. Jordan has 10 years of piloting experience to include flight-instruction, commercial air traffic and LiDAR/photogrammetric mapping. Jordan is a member of the Tampa Bay Association of Environmental Professionals (TBAEP) and is a member of the St. Petersburg Young Professionals associated with the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce. Jordan has a B.S. from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg campus and is currently enrolled in an M.S. program with the University of West Florida.
Mike Zoltek, PLS, CP, GISP, CFedS
Mr. Zoltek is a Licensed Professional Surveyor, Certified Photogrammetrist and Geographic Information Systems Professional with over 25 years’ of Geospatial experience who holds active Surveying/Photogrammetry registrations in 24 states, as well as being a Nevada State Water-Right Surveyor, a Certified Federal Surveyor (CFedS). He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Surveying & Mapping from the University of Florida in 1993 and spent the next 15 years of his career focusing in the traditional surveying and mapping field focusing on design, boundary and construction projects. Subsequently Mr. Zoltek spent the next 7 years of his career focusing on remote sensing technologies while being the surveyor in responsible charge for a national firm offering imagery and Lidar services throughout the United States and Canada. In his current position at Woolpert he is a Senior Project Manager in the Transportation Market and coordinates projects across multiple firm disciplines including Mobile Mapping, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Aerial Imagery & Lidar.
Mr. Zoltek is a member of the Florida Surveying & Mapping Society (FSMS) and the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) where he has served on the ASPRS Board of Directors, the Director of the ASPRS Professional Practice Division and currently serves on the ASPRS Evaluation for Certification Committee.
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