Bereavement Leave - Employers Survey
This survey is for employers to share their experiences with bereavement leave. We do not send unsolicited emails, and your email addresses will not be passed on to any 3rd parties, we ask for an email address for efficacy, to try to get one response per person.
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Do you have a specific Bereavement Leave policy for your business?
How many days are employees entitled to?
Currently, the National Employment Standards, and many employment awards, provide for 2 days leave in the event of a bereavement. Facebook has recently provided for 20 days bereavement leave after the CEO suffered the unexpected loss of her partner. Do you think it's reasonable to expect to take up to 10 days bereavement leave in the event of a death of someone with whom you had a close personal relationship? Parent, child, partner?
When unaddressed grief is not dealt with, it can become stifled grief and can lead to anxiety, depression, and many other health and wellbeing issues and can compromise productivity. Do you think it is further reasonable that a person suffering a bereavement can take up to 12 weeks leave, paid / unpaid (potentially supported by Centrelink if eligible) if a Doctor or Psychologist has provided certificates?
Do you think bereavement is spoken about / visible in your workplace?
Are there any suggestions, advice, or experiences you could share from dealing with staff who have experienced a bereavement?
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Would your company like information and guidance around supporting staff through a bereavement?
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