Random Character Generator Survey
Hello! We're about to do a major overhaul for the site and we'd like to know what you want to see.
Why did you search for this generator?
Are you writing a story? Brainstorming ideas? Just having fun with the outputs?
Did you get what you came for? What was missing or confusing? What did you wish the generator did better?
Any other kind of text-based content you would like to see?
e.g. world generator, dialogue, poetry, towns, combat descriptions
What other similar tools do you recommend for people who like this?
Popular stuff include Auctor, WorldAnvil, or AI Dungeon. I'd like to just create a link.
We're looking to move into a freemium model. What do you think?
We'll still give the same similar quality pregenerated content for free, but charge a few cents to generate much higher quality content based on your input. So you could enter a name or character concept like "rowdy fae architect", and it'll do it based on that.
Anything else you'd like to add?
Leave contact details here, if you'd like to be contacted
such as name, email
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