Product Development and Private Label Manufacturing
Iyonna Woods is a certified laboratory scientist with 14 years of laboratory experience. She has use her expertise and knowledge of cosmetology to create Fancy Free Hair & Skin. The Fancy Factory can help you do the same. Tell us about the product you would like to develop.

The Fancy Factory is open and ready to help you create the right formula for your health and beauty product. Pioneered by Iyonna Woods, a certified scientist with over 10 years of laboratory experience, continues to combine her scientific and cosmetology knowledge to enhance Fancy Free Hair & Skin products. Tell us more about the product you would like to develop below.
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Product Development Explained
The Fancy Factory can create a product the product you want to launch your business or support an existing business. Keep in mind that creating quality products takes time. Our product development fees begin at $250 plus the cost of ingredients - if applicable. This includes the development of your product and the delivery of up to three trials.
Private Label Manufacturing Explained
After your product is developed, you may need help keeping up with customer demand. The Fancy Factory can help with that. We offer competitive wholesale pricing at different levels based on the needs of your company.
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