3rd grade Southern Museum of Flight
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On Thursday, May 9th, the third grade will be going to The Southern Museum of Flight! The cost of this field trip will be $14.00 a person. At the museum students will participate in a flight simulator lab, a hands on activity, and a guided tour. We will be gone from 8:30- 2:15. During the field trip, students will have time to visit the gift shop; however, students will be responsible for keeping up with his/her own money.Chaperones will have to provide their own transportation to and from the Southern Museum of Flight. All money and forms must be completed by May 1st. We can only accept cash and online payments. No checks. A link for payment will be provided once you submit this form. If you are bringing your lunch and/ or sending your child's lunch, please put it in a throw away sack labeled with your child's name. No lunch boxes or coolers other than the class cooler are allowed.
Permission form and money are due by May 1st!
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