Share Your Work at an MeWe Fair! (Metaphysical Empowerment & Wellness Events) - Our Agreements + Intentions

Thank you for considering joining us! Laureli Shimayo, with creative and inspirational ideas from Heather Mist Smith, is the founder and producer of the MeWe Fairs (formerly Metaphysical Empowerment & Wellness Events)!

Our mission is to create an atmosphere of collaboration and support amongst the lightworkers of the world. We intend to do this by bringing practitioners together with the public to create transformational experiences, new alliances, and abundance for everyone.

We want you to know, understand, and align with our vision so that we can create cohesion and love and support amongst this incredible group of healers. So here it is!

Our intention is:
• To contribute to transformation on this planet
• To light the path for those on their journey
• To thrive in our own lives, businesses, and spiritual paths
• To create community and provide and receive mutual support amongst intuitives and healers
• To call forward truth in all of its names for the benefit of all beings
• To be a haven for those who are exploring metaphysics and alternative wellness modalities
• To create a context for all to see and be who they truly are

We hope you agree with the intention of this event, and we would love you to commit to it alongside us.

Please read the following agreements and answer the questions in the form below. Thank you so much for playing!

*I agree to showing up at least 30 minutes before start time (if I am running late, I will call/text Laureli at 720-352-2434.
*I agree to stay until the posted end of the event (if I need to leave - to get food or fresh air, for an emergency - I will let a fair assistant or Laureli know).

*If needed, I agree to cancel more than 7 days before the event or I forfeit the entire fee (email
*I acknowledge that if I cancel after payment has been rendered, a $10-$25 administrative fee will be retained.
*If an emergency occurs, and I cannot make it, I will let Laureli know by calling/texting her promptly at 720-352-2434.

*I promise to be truthful and in integrity in all my interactions with MeWe.
*I share space and resources and create a positive environment.
*I honor all other vendors, including their physical and psychic space (I'll go to Laureli or her assistant if a problem).
*I honor the customer, taking care to not “sell” what is not in their best interest.

*I agree to share my work for a fee and not for free (except in small samples to give people a taste of my work). An exception is that a small % of booths may merely advertise work that is done at other times (must be prearranged with Laureli).
I will act in accordance with the above agreements in their entirety.
Your Real Name (so we know who you are) *
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[If your first time...] Your Marketing Name [this may be your real name, a variation of your real name (e.g., no last name), or a something completely different]
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[If your first time...] Your Business Name (if you have a biz)
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[If your first time...] Email
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[If your first time...] Phone
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Table/Booth Sizes (booth size only, you'll mark below if you are bringing your own furniture or paying for ours). Please skip this question for online!
I request to participate in the following upcoming fairs! All fairs in 2020 (except online) are on Saturdays and/or Sundays from NEW TIME 11am to 7pm. If you sign up for and promptly pay for 3+ at a time, you get a 10% discount. Furniture is extra - or bring your own (see below). A booth may now be shared for an extra $20 fee (NEW PRICE). You keep all your proceeds! Also, you are welcome to sign up to give a TALK (see pricing below), even without a booth. *
Make any notes if you want different size booths/tables in different cities or in a city on different dates, some shared some not, etc.
Your answer
For furniture, I'll use (skip for online)
Special Requests - Let us know, and we'll see what we can do!
Look at the FLOORPLANS for in-person events ( and choose your Top 3 most preferred spots to be (all spaces marked are Small or Medium, I resize them as people choose where they want to be, plus we sometimes need to jiggle things to fit everyone or for electricity, natural lighting and low scents)
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How do you prefer to pay for your booth, furniture and/or talk without a booth? Payment ahead is required. We may create incentives to sign up early, in addition to getting better booth space choices (I place people in the order they pay). *
Do you want to give a TALK? Keep in mind that all "talks" must EDUCATE and/or GIVE SAMPLES/EXPERIENCES in addition to marketing and selling your services and products. Your creative ideas are welcome!
What is the TITLE of your TALK(s)?
Your answer
IN-PERSON: [If your first time or you want to change things up...] Please share a 2-5 word description of what you’ll offer at the IN- PERSON Fair that we will use on our marketing materials (e.g., Intuitive Eye Reading, Intuitive Readings & Mediumship, or Ear Reflexology & Pranic Energy Healing)
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ONLINE: [If your first time or you want to change things up...] Please share a 2-5 word description of what you’ll offer at the ONLINE Fair that we will use on our marketing materials (e.g., Intuitive Eye Reading, Intuitive Readings & Mediumship - anything that can be done over the web)
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I want to be video interviewed and have the recording posted online to promote Metaphysical Empowerment Events (see others' videos at
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reply YES to Facebook and Meetup events - links are on the new website - and we'll also email you links. Also, we recommend you post/reply on every event sharing your name, offering, website, etc. You agree to post:
Everyone MUST SUBSTANTIALLY HELP ADVERTISE (or contribute $15 more to each Fair's marketing costs). Be in integrity. Make a choice. I commit to substantially advertising all my Fairs by (select 2 or more below, or contribute an extra $15/Fair):
I will honor the requirements of the venue: no tape on painted walls, sometimes no open flame, in Unity of Portland all food must stay downstairs or on the tile section, etc.
Reminder to WAIT FOR AN INVOICE from Freshbooks that lists ThriveWise or (BE SURE TO CLICK SUBMIT THIS FORM BELOW before you leave to pay!) go to paypal link - copy and paste in URL spot on browser:
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Any other notes or questions?
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