Fair Signup Form: Share Your Work at a MeWe Fair for Energizing Body Mind Heart + Soul
Thank you for considering joining us! Laureli Shimayo is the founder and producer of the MeWe Fairs® + Gem Shows. The term MeWe initially came from MEtaphysics & WEllness, and each of us (ME) is growing in community by collaborating with all of us (WE), plus ME (one) and WE (gazillions in the mega-multiverse) are all connected!!! https://www.mewefairs.com/

Our mission is to create an atmosphere of collaboration and support amongst the lightworkers of the world. We do this by bringing Practitioners & Vendors together with the public to create transformational experiences, new alliances, and abundance for everyone.

We want you to know, understand, and align with our vision so that we can create cohesion, love and support amongst this incredible group of healers. So here it is!

Our intention is:
   • To contribute to transformation on this planet
   • To light the path for those on their journey
   • To thrive in our own lives, businesses, and spiritual paths
   • To create community and provide and receive mutual support amongst intuitives, coaches, healers and spiritual product vendors
   • To call forward truth in all of its names for the benefit of all beings
   • To be a haven for those who are exploring spirituality, metaphysics and alternative wellness modalities
   • To each shine our light brightly while also bringing a sense of humility
   • To empower others to know and trust themselves and their own wisdom
   • To create a context for all to see and be who they truly are

We hope you agree with the intention of this event and commit to it alongside us.

Please read the following agreements and answer the questions in the form below. Thank you so much for playing!

*I agree to release ThriveWise LLC, including DBA MeWe Fairs, and its representatives from all claims, damages, demands, actions, lawsuits resulting in any way from an event I sign up for, using this form or any other method.

*If needed, I agree to cancel ASAP by email or text and more than 14 days before the event OR I forfeit the entire fee (email laureli@thrive-wise.com, text 720-352-2434).
*I acknowledge that if I cancel after payment has been rendered, an administrative fee may be retained (we are attempting to work compassionately and fluidly with everyone - we returned everything cancelled due to the pandemic).
*If an emergency occurs, and I cannot make it, I will let Laureli know by texting her promptly at 720-352-2434.

*I agree to showing up at least 15 min early for Online Fairs and at least 30 minutes before start time for In-Person Fairs (if I am running late, I will text Laureli at 720-352-2434).
*I agree to stay until the posted end of the event (or agreed upon earlier time, and if I need to temporarily leave - to get food or fresh air, for an emergency - I will let a fair assistant or Laureli know).

*I promise to be truthful and in integrity in all my interactions with MeWe and its representatives.
*I promise to share space and resources and create a positive environment.
*I honor all other Practitioners & Vendors, including their physical and psychic space (I'll go to Laureli or her assistant if there is a problem).
*I honor the customer, taking care to not “sell” what is not in their best interest (and not invoke fear or do anything else to pressure someone to buy).
*I am aware of (and won't do) deal-breakers at MeWe Events: I won’t make a customer feel scared, urgent or pressured to buy, or to buy a lot; I won’t make my colleague(s) look bad (I will share different opinions with respect); I won’t do any bait and switch (I won’t surprise customers with price changes, inauthentic products), etc.
*I agree to have NO COUNTERFEIT products at my booth (and know that repeat occurrences will result in my no longer being admitted to events and possible loss of booth fees).

*I agree to share my work for a fee and not for free (except in small samples to give people a taste of my work - except that Online Fairs now have more flexibility on this, and now that events are larger, a small % of booths at In-Person Fairs may merely advertise (if prearranged with Laureli).

*I agree to follow safety regulations as required by local governmental agencies (e.g., masks).

Note: Some Practitioners & Vendors bring their infants and kids with them to a Fair. As long as babies and kids don't substantially interfere with anyone nearby or the running of an event, this is fine! Kids may even add to the community atmosphere. Please avoid having infants or young kids that cry too much or have tantrums (i.e., have a 2nd person at your Booth so you can take your child outside until they calm so they don't disturb other P&V or our customers). Other P&V and/or our staff are not able to care for or entertain your kids. As a community we can all help a bit, and don't rely on anyone else. As a matchmaker, Laureli even connected two kids at an event who became friends! It can all work with respect and care....
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I will act in accordance with the above agreements in their entirety.
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While this is considered an "Application Form" ... relax, as there is a 98% chance that we'll let you in. We aim to give lots of us an opportunity! If you've not heard back from us in a few days (or immediately if one of your events is soon), do feel free to text Laureli at 720-352-2434 or email Laureli@thrive-wise.com to confirm that your submission got through. We look forward to collaborating!
What FIRST NAME should we use to publicize you in our events (e.g., what is your public name)? It might be your legal name or your pseudonym (if you only use your business name, skip and see below). For example: Laureli or Anastasia. Who do we say you are when we market you as Modality/Product with First Name Last Name (e.g., Intuitive Eye Reading with Laureli Shimayo)? *
What LAST NAME should we use to publicize you in our events (e.g., what is your public name)? It might be your legal name or your pseudonym (if you don't use one or only use your business name, skip and see below). For example: Shimayo or Rand (as in Laureli Shimayo or Michaela Rand). Who do we say you are when we market you? *
What are your First and Last Name? (for invoicing) *
Do you have a Business Name? (we might use for invoicing, finding your payment, and promoting you)
Your pronouns (choose as many as apply)
Email (for billing, event logistics & notifications, newsletter, etc.)
Email (that the public sees for marketing, etc.)
Phone for texting & internal use, will not be published (please use this format: XXX-XXX-XXX)
Phone that the public sees for marketing, etc. (please use this format: XXX-XXX-XXX)
[Optional] What is your WEBSITE URL? [Pleases use the hyperlink format such as: https://www.mewefairs.com/ This information is posted for Online Fairs, plus it helps us know more about you.]
[Optional] Is there any of your personal info (e.g., phone, email, last name) that you DO NOT WANT shared with the public? [This is a little redundant. We want to make sure we don't miss anything we ought not share.]
[If your first time...] What larger city (and state, province, country, etc.) are you nearest to? We'd like to know your time zone and if you are near any of our current or future in-person events.
[Online & In Person] Please send a PHOTO showing your face to laureli@thrivetypes.com for us to optionally use in promoting the event.
[In Person] MODALITY/PRODUCT for IN-PERSON Fairs [If your first time...or if it has changed]: Please share a 3-5 word description of how we should describe what you offer in our Marketing Materials (e.g., Channeling & Past Life Exploration with Susy Goins, Reiki-Infused Jewelry with Lilah Madison, Handmade Goods by Spirit Trade).
[In-Person] Do you plan to sell an MLM product? We understand that some require you to be the only representing vendor at the Fairs you attend. Select all that apply. (If you don't know what this is, don't worry about it, as it likely does not apply to you.)
[Online] MODALITY: Please share a 3-5 word description of how we should describe what you do in our Marketing Materials (e.g., Channeling & Past Life Exploration with Susy Goins)
[Optional] To see what Fairs you are already registered for (and what you've paid for) look here: https://www.mewefairs.com/get-a-booth (click the rose-colored link near the top)
[Online & In Person] DATES & LOCATIONS  I request to participate in the following upcoming MeWe Fairs. If you sign up for and promptly pay for 3+ at a time, you get a 10% discount. Deposits are $50 for each In-Person Fair. Payment in Full is due at least 1 month ahead for Online and 2.5 months ahead for In-Person. BIPOC pricing is 33% off (see below for more info) for both In-Person and for Online (for "booth" space, not Talks, Tables, etc.). Online Fairs are $30 each for Practitioners. In-Person Fairs are $55+/day with details at MeWeFairPricing.com and MeWeFairFloorplans.com. -----------------BIPOC pricing - We offer lower BIPOC pricing as my way to make some reparations for years of cultural systemic racism and white body privilege that I benefit from, regardless of how aware and conscious I am. *BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous & People of Color https://www.nytimes.com/article/what-is-bipoc.html and https://bellamag.co/understanding-the-difference-between.../ *
[In Person] BOOTH OPTIONS - Choose City, Booth Size, Extra Access, Electricity, One Day or Two Days. Booth size details and pricing is at MeWeFairPricing.com.  Price listed is for TWO days! For Bellevue/Lynnwood/Anacortes, all the Small/Medium/Large/X-Large are standard depths (customers, chairs, table, minimal storage all must fit within 6ft) - if you need extra depth, you need to get the XX-Large 10x10. *
[In Person] CHOOSE Preferred BOOTH #'s- Look at the FLOORPLANS for in-person events (MeWeFairFloorplans.com) and choose your Top 3-4 most preferred spots and list them below. We aim to give you your preferred spot(s) when you've Paid in Full - so do so early to maximize your chances! You will also get more opportunities to choose/tune your booth spots by email.  (In Bellevue/Lynnwood/Anacortes all spaces start as Small, and we resize them as people choose where they want to be, plus we sometimes need to jiggle things to fit everyone for electricity, natural lighting and low scents - so your request here is not a guarantee of placement.)
[In Person] Special Requests - Let us know, and we'll see what we can do!
[In Person] FURNITURE RENTAL (FREE chairs are provided everywhere in 2023)
[In Person] I also may be interested in:
[In Person] I will honor the requirements of the venue: nothing on walls, no open flame, no food in venue except as allowed (outside food is okay in Lynnwood, Bellevue & Anacortes, we'll have a food vendor in Eugene, Portland venue has food nearby), etc.  *
[Online & In Person] Do you want to give a TALK at a FAIR (Online in your Breakout Room or In-Person in our Talk area)? We recommend that you give 2nd and 3rd Talks at the Online Fairs because they bring more people into your room (especially after you give a session). We will announce and promote all Talks before and during the Fair. Keep in mind that all "talks" must EDUCATE and/or GIVE SAMPLES/EXPERIENCES in addition to marketing and selling your services and products. Your creative ideas are welcome!
[Online & In Person] What is(are) the TITLE(s) of your TALK(s) and how long will it/they be (if Online)? You may also email the Title(s) and Time(s) to admin@thrive-wise.com [Sample#1: Group Healing with Gaia with Susy Goins (20min), Sample#2: Developing your Own Clairvoyant Skills with Jenna Roberts (30min)]
[Online, Optional]: What is your Online Special + Online Fair Session PRICING? Is this a SPECIAL discount, and if so, please give us the % off. Do you offer coupons people can redeem later or? This information is posted for Online Fairs, Panels & Circles. [Sample Format: $25/15min, $45/30min (40% off)]
[Online & In Person] EVERYONE MUST SUBSTANTIALLY HELP ADVERTISE (or alternatively contribute $10 to each Fair's marketing costs). Please be in integrity and make a choice. We at MeWe do tons of advertising. I, the Practitioner/Vendor, commit to substantially advertise all the Fairs I participate in by (selecting 3 or more marketing options below OR I'll pay $10): *
PLEASE Post Links to Advertise our events on your Facebook Page (and if you are local also Meetup events) - links are on the new website - and we'll also email you links. Also, we recommend you post/reply on every event sharing your name, offering, website, videos, etc. Do you agree to post?
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[Online & In Person] [This is optional] I want to be video interviewed for MARKETING and have the recording posted online to PROMOTE (me and) MeWe Fairs (see others' videos at https://www.mewefairs.com/our-vendors and the questions I'll ask at https://www.mewefairs.com/be-interviewed)
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[Online & In Person] Special Instructions or Requests: Make any notes if you want different size booths/tables in different cities or in a city on different dates, some shared some not, etc.
[Online] Instead of ZOOM TRAININGS about the flow of Online MeWe Events, how to use Zoom & Breakout Rooms, etc. we now have ZOOM TRAINING VIDEOS (we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you review these Trainings. Watch at: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dAKuvkyVDgnazoH-9gIN_Ds0OuLamAPu  (see the ReadMe first).  Watch the video on Marketing and Selling your work too! If you have specific questions that these don't answer, please reach out to Anissa@thrive-wise.com.
[Online] We ask event attendees for their feedback and testimonials in exchange for being entered into a drawing for a Free 30 min Session with a Practitioner of their choice (from those Practitioners who volunteer to participate). In exchange you get the email addresses of all those who provide feedback for your list. You will AUTOMATICALLY BE INCLUDED in this unless you let us know you don't want the emails and won't offer a free 30 min session if the winner chooses you.
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FYI - You are welcome to learn more about our Fairs, Panels, Circles & Practitioner Interviews on our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@MeWeFairsEvents/videos  Sign up to be in them at: https://www.mewefairs.com/get-a-booth
[Online & In Person] Are you interested in helping run our 3 new Online events (FREE - you help in exchange for our marketing of you): LEARNING CIRCLES - we offer intuitive exercises, PRACTICE CIRCLES - attendees practice on each other, and TRAINING PANELS - we support new Practitioners or Practitioners with new modalities be on a Panel. These events are primarily for marketing while being of service. You, your modality and your contact info is shared widely. Sign up to help run them at the Be On a Panel/Circle button at: https://www.mewefairs.com/get-a-booth
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[Online & In Person] Are you interested in being in our AWAKENING PANEL events (FEE - you pay to be in these) where a group of up to 6 Practitioners give readings and healings in response to questions from the audience? These events are primarily for marketing while being of service. You, your modality and your contact info is shared widely. Many people get to hear samples of your work. You agree to give away a free 30 min session to one participant drawn from a lottery if they choose you from the panel, and in exchange you get new email addresses for your list. Being on a Panel costs $10 as of 2/1/22. Sign up to be in them at the Be On a Panel/Circle button at: https://www.mewefairs.com/get-a-booth
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[Online & In Person] How do you choose to PAY? _________ [Online] Paying ahead secures your spot. Payment in Full is due at least 1 month ahead. _____________[In-Person] Paying a $50 Deposit per Fair gets you on the Map and Payment in Full 2.5 months ahead is required to guarantee your space (except for minor wiggles to accommodate critical needs). ___________ [Both] If you want to pay something now, approximate what you think you owe (taking a wild guess is okay!), and we'll subtract that from what you owe on your itemized invoice (see details at MeWeFairPricing.com). If you pay by PAYPAL or VENMO - REMEMBER to click SUBMIT BELOW on this form first - and put your name in the payment info so we know who you are! *
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