MacDowell - Parent Teacher Conferences Sign Up (High School- 3/17 only)
Parents and Guardians, please view this sign up and find a convenient time to meet with all of your child's teachers. You may select the times from the drop-down buttons below.

1. This sign up is for March 17th only. Please see the separate sign up for March 12th.

2. You must scroll all the way down and hit the SUBMIT button in order to finalize and reserve your time slot.

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*If you need assistance, or to edit your sign up, please contact Parent Coordinator Claudine at or 414-935-1339. Thank you!
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Mr. LoPresti: 9th-10th grade Social Studies (Room 134)
Ms. Lester: 9th-10th grade English (Room 130)
Ms. Geiger: 9th grade Math (Room 128)
Mr. Ford: 9-10th grade Math (Room 108)
9-10 Science (Room 126)
Mr. Martin: 10-12 IB Spanish (Room 1)
Mr. Beermann: 11-12 IB Science (Room 2)
Mr. Monfils: 10th grade Speech & 11-12th grade IB English (Room 104)
Mr. Peacock: 11-12th grade IB Math (Room 106)
Mr. Spiering 11-12th grade IB Social Studies (Room 4)
Ms. Schenk: Physical Education/Health (Room 133)
Mr. Mcelrone: 10-12th grade IB Art (Room 110)
Mr. Love: 9-12th grade MRP (Room 138/140)
Mr. Jaeger: 9th grade Special Ed Resource (Room 102)
Mr. Horn: 9-10th grade Special Ed Resource (Room 102)
Mr. Eide: 11-12th grade Special Ed Resource (Room 12)
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