CuriousWorks - Client Evaluation Form
This survey is for clients to complete for all CuriousWorks Projects, including Community & Arts.
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Project Name *
What was your general experience of engaging CuriousWorks to deliver this project? *
Do you feel like the project facilitation and outcomes met the aims of the project? *
If there were participants in the program, do you feel they were adequately supported to engage and contribute to media production and project outcomes? *
eg: responding to need/ making a change
What benefits did participants in the project experience from their involvement? *
What are your reflections on the overall project design, facilitation and delivery by CuriousWorks? What worked and why? *
What would you change about the way CuriousWorks delivered this project, including the outcomes created? *
Would you collaborate with CuriousWorks again on similar projects? What might you change about the collaboration, if anything? *
Did CuriousWorks meet your expectations in terms of the project vision and the budget allocated to CuriousWorks? *
Would you engage CuriousWorks again for similar project delivery? *
Would you recommend CuriousWorks to other agencies based on this collaboration? *
Can you provide a testimonial about CuriousWorks role in this project, our collaboration and the outcomes created? *
Any other comments about this project?
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