Watchtower Property Sales Tracking
The results from this form will be used to track the international sales of Kingdom Halls, Assembly Halls, Branch Properties and other interests of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, Jehovah's Witnesses, and their associated charities and corporations, since 2004 - the year they started selling off their Brooklyn NY headquarters. The results of this form will be regularly published on Mike & Kim's 'Nail In Coffin' YouTube episodes, the 'Watchtower Exposed' website, and on the 'AwakeFromWatchtower' Facebook page.

Estimated total amounts in US dollars as at 26-December-2021.
SOLD: $2,560,619,637
FOR SALE: $172,018,929

This form is totally anonymous. No personal information is collected.

This research tool is developed and hosted by an ex-Jehovah's Witness activist in Australia (aka AwakeFromWatchtower). Linking to this form from other activist sites worldwide is encouraged.

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(1) Most fields are not mandatory (except for Property Type, Country, Sales Status, Sales/Asking Amount, Sale Currency), but filling in as much information as possible is helpful.
(1a) NOTE: Entries with only Country and Sales amount - with NO OTHER IDENTIFYING DATA - will be automatically and periodically removed.

(2) Before entering a potential property record, please check to see if the property has already been entered. The link to check is here (the list has been sorted alphabetically by Country > State/Province > Municipality/City/Suburb > Street):

(3) If the property record is NEW, or if you can PROVIDE MISSING OR UPDATED INFORMATION to an existing record, then enter the type of property, property details, and sales information on the following pages.

(4) Please SHARE the link to this Property Tracking tool among as many ex-JW activists, and PIMO JWs as possible.
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