MDU 2017 Pre Professional Ballet Program Application and Audition Sign Up
Thank you for your interest in auditioning for Misty's Dance Unlimited Pre-Professional Ballet Program!

We are happy to announce that our program is growing and we will be adding more students to our program starting in the Fall of 2017!

Our Pre-Professional Ballet instruction models training seen in acclaimed professional schools around the world, targeting the following areas: technique, pointe, variations, French terminology, partnering, conditioning, anatomy/kinesiology, dance history, classical music history, nutrition and resume preparation. These tools will equip a dancer for a future in professional companies, conservatories, college fine arts programs and even dance instruction.

Dancers must audition and submit an application in order to be accepted into the program. Larissa Oberly, Amanda Schams, Dennis Williams, Kylie Williams, Debbie White and Alexandra Meier provide the training for the Pre-Professional Program. Combined, they have numerous years of experience as students, professional dancers, instructors and choreographers throughout the United States and Europe.

To make strong gains in technique and skill, daily work is needed. Below are the prices and recommended number of days for each Pre Professional Ballet Level.

Pre Professional Ballet 1: Recommended a minimum of 3 times/wk
1st class/wk - $95/mo, 2nd class/wk - $85/mo, 3rd-5th classes/wk - $76/mo

Pre Professional Ballet 2: Recommended a minimum of 4 times/wk
1st class/wk - $95/mo, 2nd class/wk - $85/mo, 3rd-5th classes/wk - $76/mo

Pre Professional Ballet 3: Recommended a minimum of 4 times/wk
1st class/wk - $95/mo, 2nd class/wk - $85/mo, 3rd-5th classes/wk - $76/mo

Dancers who have completed at least one year of Ballet III are invited to audition for MDU's Pre Professional Ballet Program.

Auditions will entail taking a combined Pre-Pro Class on Thursday, April 20th or Thursday, April 27th from 3:30-5:00 PM. Alternative auditions after April 27th are available upon request.

Please come at least 30 minutes early for your audition time so you can warm up in the hallway or a studio prior to the start of your audition block. Female dancers should wear your normal dress code leotard pink tights, hair in a neat bun, and a little make up. Male dancers should wear a white t-shirt, black athletic pants, and hair styled neatly.

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