Punggol Secondary School Password(s) Reset
1. Please include a working email. The new password will be sent to your email. If the email you provide below is incorrect, you will not receive any password and your account will not be reset.

2. USERID is different for each

SLS = First 5 characters of your name + Last 5 characters of your Bus Pass
e.g. ELIEEN T0112345G will be ELIEE2345G

Google Classroom = fullname@gaps.punggolss.edu.sg

School Wifi (SWN@SSOE) or Laptop login = NRIC Number T0123456B
Important! Notice for students and parents on HBL. Request submitted in this Google Form takes 24 hours to be reset. For immediate reset of passwords, please give your names to your Form Teachers.
Full name of Requestor *
Class of Requestor *
Which platform do you need a reset? *
Contact Email when reset is done. Please do not put your gaps account email if you are resetting the password for it. *
This is required if you chose to reset this password.
If not you may leave it blank.
In 24 hours, your account will be set to default Punggol51
SWN@SSOE Login (TxxxxxxxZ)
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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