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This is the 4rd batch of the 3 month mentoring program that I'm conducting at The Lycaeum. If you're interested, please fill in the following form. The classes will start from mid July 2016

The contents are as follows.

Part 1 : Languages and tools (approx 2 weeks)
The first part of the course covers basic skills that are useful to any programmer. Using a UNIX command line, shell scripting and basic tools like make, git for version control and Python (which is the language used in the project mentioned later).

Part 2 : Project (approx 1.5 to 2 months)
This is a small sized project to get people familiar with design and development of a program. The general idea is to break the students into teams of 2 or 3 (preferably across colleges) and then to spend some time discussing design, trade offs and other such issues and then to finally have the students work on the project with constant feedback and criticism. The plan is to let people make mistakes and then face up to how those mistakes affect the project as a whole rather than the guide people to avoid errors. Issues like testing, documentation etc. will be covered in this month.

I have a few projects in mind some of which are web based and some of which are command line based which use web APIs.

At the end of this, all teams will have to present their project along with design decisions and functionality to everyone else.

Part 3 : Code comprehension (approx 2 weeks)
A lot of otherwise talented students don’t read much code and so, when dropped into a largish project, find themselves lost. This part of the course will focus on taking an existing open source project, reading and understanding it. We’ll try to make some changes to the code, adding some features and perhaps even fixing a few bugs to send back pull requests.

Other details
Duration : 3 months.
Starting date : To be decided.
Placements: If you complete the project properly and present it, I can help you with finding a job.
Contact information: You can email me for further information at or call me at +919567091835.
Fees: The course costs 20,000 INR. Half to be paid in advance to confirm your seat and the remaining half to be paid after the course is over.

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