Illinois TRIAD Senior Citizen Volunteer Award Nomination Form

The TRIAD Senior Citizen Volunteer Award is designed to encourage public safety agencies to honor and recognize senior citizens as vital members of their department as well as essential community liaisons. The Illinois TRIAD is asking every public safety agency in Illinois to review the many hours of assistance that senior citizens offer to their agencies. TRIAD hopes that by honoring the dedicated volunteer service provided by senior citizens, more seniors will volunteer their time and talent at these agencies. In addition, TRIAD hopes to generate interest among public safety officials to implement new programs and utilize senior citizens in an array of positions within their departments. If you have any questions, please call Dawn Burkhalter at (815) 314-2303.

Senior volunteers will be honored at the Illinois State TRIAD Conference at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Chicago Northwest-Elgin during the Senior Citizen Volunteer Award Ceremony on September 13th.

Nominations must be received by August 10, 2017.