Colina Middle School 6th Grade Class Preference Form: 2021-2022 - *DUE BY FEBRUARY 18TH*
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Each student is assigned English, Social Science, Math, Science, Physical Education, and an Elective class. Math level is determined by final grades and end-of-course exam scores from 5th grade (this test is given in class by the 5th grade teacher). Students in special education or ELD are assigned according to their IEPs/ILPs.
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CAREER WHEEL: This class rotates through multiple electives during the year. Classes are computer assigned and may include creative writing, art, computers (coding and animation), economics, and bridge building.
CHORUS (BEGINNING): Yearlong class. No experience necessary.
CHORUS (INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED): Yearlong class. Teacher permission/audition required - contact Ms. Langness at
BAND (BEGINNING): Yearlong class. No experience necessary. Band instruments: flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, tuba, percussion.
BAND (INTERMEDIATE): Yearlong class. Student must have at least one year of experience playing an instrument. Teacher permission/audition required - contact Ms. Fruehling at
STRING ORCHESTRA: Yearlong class. This class is for beginning and intermediate players. No experience necessary. String instruments: violin, viola, cello, bass.
CONCERT ORCHESTRA: Yearlong class. This class is for advanced players. Teacher permission/audition required – contact Ms. Forbrizzio at
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If you have any questions about classes or how to complete this form, please email your school counselor, Ms. Doll, at
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