Local Inventory ads (LIA) Whitelist Request
Please fill in the information below to be whitelisted for Local Inventory ads in Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, India, Turkey, Spain, Italy and/or New Zealand
The whitelisting will take approximately 48 hours (bulk submissions of 20 or more can take longer). Please add individual Merchant Center accounts (not MCAs). Note: You will not be notified once your Account has been whitelisted. Please make sure you re-visit your Merchant Center Account after 48 hours. In case of urgent whitelisting requests please reach out to your Google Sales Representative
After submitting a request, please re-visit your Merchant Center 48 hours later and follow these Onboarding Instructions: https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/7457386?hl=en&ref_topic=7023401
Whitelist Method *
Please only use "Bulk" if you have 3 or more Merchants that need to be whitelisted. Note that to whitelist large quantities of Merchants we will require engineering resources. So in case you need to have a Merchant whitelisted faster, please select "Single" and submit only individual Merchants (not MCAs).
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