Doppio lustrum gala: 20 december 2019
What: Doppio lustrum dinner + gala
When: From 18:00 until 01:00, December 20th of 2019
Where: Van der Valk Hotel, Eindhoven
For who: all (alumni) members and (alumni) directors of E.S.T.V Doppio
Prices: €50 (dinner + gala) or €25 (gala), with drinks and food included all night
Theme: 35 Years of Yellow
Dresscode: Black Tie with a Touch of Yellow

More information about the gala, hotel rooms, the charity we support and our lustrumyear in general can be found on our website:!

Updates about the program of the evening and other new information will be put on our website or the facebook event: If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to send an email to

We look forward to an amazing night with many old and new Doppians, and we hope to see many of you there!
Lots of yellow love,
The Gala committee.
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It is possible to buy tickets for the dinner + gala, or for just the gala. The dinner will be from 18:00 until 21:00, and the gala is from 21:00 till 01:00 at night.
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If you really don't want to gift 2,50 to the charity we support, please say so right here.
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Hotel rooms
Since the gala will be held at the Van der Valk hotel in Eindhoven, it is possible to book a hotel room with a reduced price through Doppio. A room for 2 persons + breakfast the next morning will cost €108,50. If you are interested in booking a hotel room please say so in the question below, and you will receive a seperate email from us with more information about the hotel rooms and how we came to a price of €108,50. Because we have to let Van der Valk know how many rooms we will be using, IT IS ONLY POSSIBLE TO BOOK ROOMS THROUGH DOPPIO UNTIL OCTOBER 4TH. After that, you are ofcourse more than welcome to book a room at Van der Valk Eindhoven yourself.
Would you like a hotel room after the gala and do you want more information? *
After filling out this form, you will receive an email with the answers you submitted. After receiving this email, please transfer the right amount of money to our bank account: Doppio, NL35 RABO 0322 6714 77. In the description box please write down 'LUSTRUM GALA' + 'NUMBER OF TICKET' x '(DINNER+GALA) OR GALA' + YOUR NAME. (see example below) We expect to sell a lot of tickets. Please make sure you transfer the right ammount of money, that the text in the description is right and that the name matches the name you've filled in in this form so our treasurer is not confused . Please transfer the money no later than 3 weeks after you've filled out this form.

You want to buy 2 dinner+gala tickets for you and your date. This means you'll transfer €100 to Doppio and the description will say: LUSTRUM GALA 2 x DINNER+GALA JOHN DOE.

Note to alumni members:
We switched bank accounts 2 years ago. Please make sure you transfer the money to our new bank account from the Rabobank and not the old one from SNS Bank that might still be in your banking history.
Do you promise to transfer the right amount of money to our bank account no later than 3 weeks after filling out this form? *
Doppio memories
Ofcourse, a Doppio gala is not complete without some great Doppio songs and memories, so please feel free to share them below!
What is your greatest memory of Doppio?
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What songs can't be missing from our playlist?
Try to be original! Believe us, 'I want it that way' is already there :)
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How yellow are you feeling today?
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