The ZONE Intake Form & Application
The following form is intended for individuals seeking to become a retail client of the The ZONE Business Connection Center. The ZONE is a program of NEWSED Community Development Corporation.

The ZONE Business Connection Center is committed to providing facilities that are accessible to persons with and without disabilities. We encourage persons with specific needs to contact Andrea Barela at 303.534.8342 x 110 or for further information. The ZONE is an equal opportunity employer.

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Legal Organization of Business
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Why did you start this business?
Why do you think your business will be successful?
What is your primary source of income?
How will your business be financed for the first 6 to 12 months of operation? If other, please explain.
What is your total start-up capital from all sources?
Do you have financial statements?
What is your total gross personal income and business revenue from the most recently completed year?
Have you ever declared bankruptcy? If yes, please explain in other field.
Have you participated in other business assistance programs? If yes, please explain which program in the other field.
Have you taken classes through NEWSED CDC before? If yes, please tell us what classes you have taken and when in the other field.
How do you see the ZONE Business Connection Center assisting you?
What type of expertise or service will you be seeking from the incubator program?
Provide three business references, including name and phone number:
How did you hear about the ZONE Business Connection Center?
Please upload your business plan, if applicable.
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