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Thank You!!
Firstly, we thank you for the support and feedback you've given us in the past - great customers make building a great product a lot easier!
What is Fieldscanner?
Fieldscanner creates a lower resolution orthomosaic (map) on your iPhone or iPad, while the drone is still busy flying, even when offline! This will allow you to see the big picture before the drone has landed, and start investigating problems without the need to remove SD cards, or upload imagery.

The mission will still capture images as normal, so your standard mapping flow won't be interrupted.

Fieldscanner in action
Which Drones/Devices are compatible?
At this time, Fieldscanner is compatible with most DJI drones Phantom 3 Advanced/Pro and above (although best results come from the newer DJI drones: Mavic, P4Pro, Inspire 2, Matric 200), and newer iOS devices (including iPhone 6, iPad Air2, iPad Mini 4). It’s enable on all ios devices, so you’ll be able to test the product on older models, but results will vary and be slower. Unfortunately, Fieldscanner will not be supported on Android devices this growing season.
What's the risk?
This comes with a few risks. While we're committed to making sure we won't be pushing features which would interrupt your normal flow, there is a risk that this might happen. In testing the new stuff, you might encounter edge cases we haven't seen (running different browser/device/os combinations etc), which could cause potentially cause interruptions. Your feedback will help us fix this, and you can easily enable/disable Fieldscanner from the planning page if it's blocking you.
This is a BETA *
First thing first- this is a beta: features might break, and not everything we test will make it through to the final product, so please don't share images, videos, descriptions or complaints about these experimental features until release. While we do test new features internally, and with a small batch of alpha testers, we're unable to test every browser/device/OS/drone combination. Please bear with us when things aren't working, and please provide feedback to beta@dronedeploy.com so we can fix/improve features!
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