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Please fill out this form to book a one-time walk with us. We do not recommend using this form during our operation hour (7Pm-12am) but instead call us! Thank you!
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Be as thorough as possible. It is recommended you meet our teams at an entry way as many buildings are locked after hours
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Our boundaries are to the East, 85th Street; to the South, 72nd Avenue; to the North and West, the North Saskatchewan River. Additionally, we will accompany you on the LRT and within ten blocks of any train station. (You an use this map to check if the drop-off location is within boundaries: )
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NOTE: Please allow a minimum of 30 minutes between submitting this form and the pick up time. (Ie: if this form was submitted at 7:30pm, the earliest possible pick up time would be 8 pm)
Have you just finished a night class?
Feel free to not answer this question, however, it would greatly help our service in the future by answering this question
How do you know about Safewalk?
Would you like to use the Incognito Option *
An Incognito Walk is where our patrollers walk you home in plain clothes. You know, your friends don't have to know you use us (don't worry, you didn't hurt our feelings).
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