FanimeCon Dealer Questionnaire
Thank you for your interest, please fill out this questionnaire if you would like to join the FanimeCon's Dealers' Hall.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at We will contact you should we have any booths become available. An application submitted through this page does *NOT* guarantee a booth.

Please submit only ONE application to the Dealers' Hall, as this list is saved and no one is removed. Multiple applications will be deleted.

NOTE: This is for DEALER applicants only - NOT FOR ARTIST ALLEY.

May 28th - Dec 31st, 2019: $950 per booth
Jan 1st - May 23rd, 2020: $1050 per booth
At-Con: $1,150

Each 10'x10' booth space includes (1) 8' ft table, (2) chairs, (2) dealer badges, and (1) power drop.


Union Decorator will charge fees when freight is moved from loading dock to the dealer's booth space.

0 – 1,000 pounds will incur a charge of $490.00
1,001 – 2,999 pounds will incur a charge of $1,247.00
Over 3,000 pounds will incur a charge of $2,054.00

**EXCEPTION** Dealer with freight that can be carried in by ONE (1) PERSON in ONE (1) TRIP without the use of a hand truck or dolly and constitutes their entire Booth Space contents will not incur a cost.
If found to be in Artist Alley AFTER being accepted into Dealers Hall, you will be AUTO-FORFEITED from Artist Alley!
Name Of Business
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Business Phone
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Business Address
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Email Address *
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Web Page URL
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Sellers Permit
Issued by the CA BOE and required prior to the show
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Do You Intend To Sell Food Items?
Pocky, Ramune, Mochi, Etc.
How quickly can you mobilize?
I sometimes have cancellations as late as load in of the show. How much notice do you need in order to vend?
Type Of Vendor *
Pre-Made Art
If you are selling art, list all forms of media. i.e. wallscrolls, t-shirts, prints, plush
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How Many Booths Do You Need?
Please put the maximum number of booths desired.
Will you require extra badges?
Each booth comes with 2 complimentary Dealers badges, you may purchase up to two more dealers badges for each booth.
Do you have any questions or concerns.
Please note here if you have any preferences for booths or other concerns
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