Sister School Match Up - Donating School
This sister school match up is facilitated by the Art Education Association of Indiana. Our intent is to help connect art educators who have surplus or donated materials with art educators teaching in schools who have little or no materials or equipment necessary for a quality art education program. Submitting your information does not guarantee a sister school matchup.
Please fill out this form if you:
1. Want to form a partnership with an Indiana school in need
2. Are willing to donate supplies (eg. end of school year student supplies leftover and collected)
3. Have significant donations. For example, you might donate 30 sets of gently used watercolors, a couple gallon bags of crayons, and a few reams of paper. Please do not fill out this form if you only have a couple sets of an item to donate; we are hoping to help facilitate art lessons for an entire grade level.
4. Willing to partner in good faith.

Please direct questions to
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