2018- NA Congress- KP Guidelines for Parents & Kids

Please review the following information to better prepare you and your kids for this special weekend!

Our Program’s Area:

Essex Room will be dedicated to:
-Mothers and 0-2 year olds. All babies/children must be supervised at all times.
-Girls ages 7 and up. Full Drop off program.

Monmouth Room is our main activities room and will be dedicated to:
-Kids ages 2-3 years are welcome and are encouraged to participate in all activities offered as long as they have a parent/guardian with them at all times.
-Kids ages 4-7 years. Full Drop off program.

Sussex Room will be dedicated to:
-Boys age 8 and up. Full Drop off program.
-Please note during the first hour of each lesson Boys 8+ will be upstairs in the ‘kids’ dining area watching the lessons and participating in workshops .

Our Program Guidelines:
1. All kids entering the main activity room (Monmouth Room) MUST be signed-in before every lesson and signed-out at the end of every lesson.
2. All children must be fully supervised during breaks, meals and after the program ends each day at 6pm. Kids program rooms will be locked at 6pm, no child is allowed to stay in the room to “play”.
3. All children must have appropriate footwear, as per hotel policy.
4. No outside food/drinks/gum is allowed in the program rooms. There will be plenty of snacks/drinks available on hand.
5. We will have at least one outdoor activity per day. Rain or Shine! Please dress your child appropriately for the weather.
6. To make sure our kids get the most out of every activity we kindly ask all parents to ensure the kids are well fed, rested and have had bathroom breaks before being dropped off at the program.
7. Our team will take kids to the restrooms if/when necessary.
8. Snacks will be offered throughout the program and at specific times.
9. No electronic devices are allowed in the program (aside from the program’s team.)
10. Please avoid bringing personal toys to the program, it discourages sharing and can create unnecessary conflicts.
11. During the lesson, we ask that you keep your cell phone on vibrate in the event we need to contact you about your child.
12. No kids are allowed in the main hall during lessons, with the exception of youth age 13 and up and under the condition they are familiar and can sit through a lesson with a guardian.

Please note our program is not a “babysitting service”! We will do our best to keep your child engaged throughout the program; however, in the event your child is not interested in a certain activity, is disruptive and/or wants to leave, we will call you to pick him/her up. We cannot physically coerce your child to stay in the room/place of scheduled activity. We apologize in advance. Proper preparation and explanation of these rules with your child prior to congress will help everyone to have a smooth and most of all fun experience!

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