Scale By the Bay 2018 CFP: Functional Programming, Data Engineering, Cognitive Frameworks
This is a joint Call for Papers for Scala By the Bay:, a three-day, three-track software and data engineering conference sequence to be held November 15-17, 2018 at Twitter in San Francisco. The conference sequence will include

-- A classic Functional Programming track, following SBTB 2013-2017, from Scala to Haskell to OCaml/F#/Swift and more
-- Reactive Microservices/Architecture track: reactive systems, APIs, Twitter OSS building upon FinagleCon and more
-- End-to-end Data Pipelines track, building upon Big Data Scala 2015 and Data Pipelines 2016 and SBTB 2017

We have two kinds of talks: full-length, 40 minutes and 20 minutes. Please check one or both if you can present in either duration.

Important dates: The CFP is open through June 15, 2018. Please consult previous years for examples of great talks, all published on We will update the program as we receive the talks, and it fills up very quickly -- submit early.

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