Candidate Information
Below are letters from your Regional President and Parliamentarian as well as the Branch Director. You must read these letters before you go on with the application process so you are aware of your obligation as a candidate/regional officer and have the necessary information you will need to continue with the application process. Also, you must download the "Guide to USY Standards and Expectations for Elected Officers" form. At the bottom of this application, you will be signing an agreement that you have read the form and agree to maintain the standards as an elected officer. Also included below is a checklist for you to keep that has all of the deadlines you need to know for this application, your evaluations, your candidate resumes, and when to inform Marc and Talia who will be nominating you at elections.

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Below are the letters from your Regional President and Parliamentarian and from your Branch Director. Please read both letters before starting the Cabinet Application process.
Letter from the Regional President and Parliamentarian
Letter from the Branch Director
Guide to USY Standards and Expectations for Elected Officers. Download link in description below.
You must read the Guide to USY Standards and Expectations for Elected Officers in order to be a candidate for Cabinet. Below, you will be signing an agreement that you have read the standards and agree to maintain them throughout your term. As stated in Darren's letter above, you will want to share it with your parents as well.

Here is the link to the Guide
Checklist for Application, Evaluations, Candidate Resumes, Candidates Forum answers and Nomination. Checklist link is in the description below.
We have created a checklist that has all of the evaluations that you need to send to the handful of people that need to fill them out. The checklist has the deadline dates for your application, evaluations, resumes and name of the person that is nominating you.

You can find the checklist at this link: 
Sample Resumes and Candidates Forum
All candidates will be required to create a resume and answer the candidates forum questions that USYers will be seeing at Convention. The Candidates Forum will be in the form of written answers to the 3 VP/5 President questions. They will sent out by email to all Regional Convention Participants leading up to Convention and will be included in the election packet at the Convention. You will be receiving your candidates forum questions just after the application deadline, and can be up to two pages long. Resumes can be no larger than 2 pages.

Here is a link to a past election packet:
Candidate Application
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By e-signing below, I agree to run for Far West Regional Cabinet with the l highest honor and dignity to myself, my Chapter, and the Region. I understand that by filling in all the above information, though I am not bound to run for office, I have considered my candidacy carefully. I have read "A Guide to USY Standards," and, if elected, I will maintain all the standards for Regional Cabinet members outlined in the Far West Constitution. These standards include, but are not limited to, the observance of Shabbat, Chaggim, and Kashrut, maintaining a strong level of attendance at Shabbat and Regional events, and being a dugma to other USYers. I have read the checklist and I am aware of all necessary deadlines.
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