Digital Commissions
Please read through everything
Terms and Conditions
You may do what you want with the art, but you can not sell or use to make goods for sale. I reserve the right to post a watermarked version on multiple platforms. You can not remove the signature. Characters drawn are copyrighted to the respective parties; such as any original characters (OCs) is copyrighted to the rightful owner and any company related characters are copyrighted to their respected company.
Payment Info
All prices are in USD (United States) and all payments are processed through Paypal invoices

I require payment first before starting

*If paying in half, I require the half payment first and second payment shortly after before you can receive your commission
What I will draw
*Video game characters
*Original characters
*Custom game characters
*Real life people (expect a cartoon look, not realistic)
What I won't draw
*Highly detailed backgrounds
*Hate speech/images
Illustration Extras
*+$5 per extra character added
*Each illustration comes with a colored bg and transparent bg
Custom Apparel Designs
Can be:
*Tank tops
*Hawaiian/Button Shirts

-Available for both half and fully body illustrations

-Designs can be custom or any brand name design
Half-body Illustrations
Full Body Illustrations
Custom Apparel Designs
What are you looking for today? Please check all that apply *
Description of commission
Please provide any links to pictures/drawings/other references. If you are looking for something to be made from scratch, please provide as much details as you can.
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Description of comic commission
Story or paragraph in detail for the comic. If possible, have each paragraph/sentence represent a panel. Any specific details (for each panel or in general). If you are unsure about anything, please let me know and I will be more than willing to help layout a comic
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Contact Email *
Please provide me a email address for communicating as well as where I will be sending your finished commission to
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PayPal Email *
I need an email for the PayPal Invoice
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Social Media handle
If you wish for me to tag you on Twitter, Discord or Instagram
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Do I have your permission to stream your commission on my Twitch channel? *
Questions, comments or concerns?
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