Highland Student Council Survey 2018
The student council needs your input to make Highland a better school and help all students feel like part of the Highland community!
How welcome do you feel at school?
Not at all welcome
Very welcome
What could be done to make you feel more welcome?
Your answer
How much school spirit do you think Highland has?
More than enough
What would you want to see to improve this?
Your answer
Do you feel like you are offered educational opportunities outside of class time and extra-curricular activities at Highland ?
What other activities would you like to see at Highland?
Your answer
How much do you value your education from Highland?
Not at all
Very much
What would make your educational experience more meaningful and valuable to you?
Your answer
What do you think of the length of Highland's lunch break?
What do you think of Flex Fridays?
What issues do you feel need to be addressed most urgently at Highland?
Your answer
Is there anything else you want your student council to know?
Your answer
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