School Counseling Program Needs Assessment: Parents
In an effort to improve our current school counseling program, Estell Manor School is asking for feedback from students, parents, and staff on how to best serve our school district. Therefore, our School Counseling Advisory Council is respectfully asking you to participate in a brief, anonymous, 8-question survey to help us plan for future school counseling programs. This survey should take you no more that 4 minutes to complete. This needs assessment will ask for your input on classroom school counseling lessons and programs (for example: academic development, career awareness, and healthy lives). The survey will also give you the opportunity to suggest ideas for future programs or assemblies that you believe may benefit our students and school community.

Students and staff will have the opportunity to complete the anonymous needs assessment during the school day. Parents can complete the survey at any time during the weeks of May 13th – May 17th.

1. Please rank each of the following school counseling services according to how helpful you think they are: *
Very helpful
Somewhat helpful
Not helpful at all
Not Applicable
Parent Conference with the School Counselor
Teacher Conference with the School Counselor
Classroom School Counseling Lessons
Small Group Counseling Services
Individual Counseling Services
Crisis Intervention Services
2. Please indicate how you see the following classroom programs in the future: *
Fine as it is
Needs enhancement
Second Step Social-Emotional-Learning Program
Bullying Prevention (Bucket Filler Activities & Week of Respect)
Violence Awareness Week (Problem Solving Activities)
Academic Success (Time Management, School Rules & Tools, Organizational Skills, Goal Setting, etc.)
Career Development (Likes & Interests; Career Exploration)
Bullying Prevention (Be an Upstander Activities)
Year in Review Bingo
I have another idea for a future classroom program:
Your answer
3. On a scale of 1-4, rank the following programs according to how much you value each of them: *
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Important
Not Applicable
Classroom Career Exploration Program (K-4)
Passports to Careers Fair (5th – 8th Grade)
Health Expo: Fruit/Veggie Taste Test & Fitness Activity (K-4)
Healthy Choices ~ Healthy Lives Fair (5th – 8th Grade)
Upstander Assembly (K-8)
Student Showcase (K-8)
4. Please let us know which of the following school-wide programs you would be interested in seeing in the future. (Please check "yes" or "no" for each row.) *
Internet Safety
CAP (Child Assault Prevention Program)
Bullying Prevention Program from CAP
Drug Prevention
I have another idea for a school-wide program:
Your answer
5. Please let us know about any additional evening programs that you would like to see at Estell Manor School. (Please check "yes" or "no" for each row.) *
Strengthening Families
Understanding the School Counseling Program
Internet Safety
CAP (Child Assault Prevention Program)
Bullying Prevention Program from CAP
Drug Prevention
I have another idea for an evening program at Estell Manor School:
Your answer
6. Please check any topics you would like addressed in classroom guidance or small groups. (Please check "yes" or "no" for each row.) *
Anger management
Study skills
Stress management
Goal setting
Social skills
Respecting diversity
I have another idea for a classroom guidance or small group topic:
Your answer
7. Do you know how to request assistance from or an appointment with the school counselor? *
8. Are there any additional ways the school counselor can help you?
Your answer
Thank you for taking the time to complete our Needs Assessment. Your answers will help us improve our current school counseling program.
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