Demand survey for Asia regional symposium
We, Korea U Seoul team, are planning to open a iGEM Asia regional symposium in July(or in August), 2016 at Korea University for 3~5days. This symposium is not only an academic conference, but an field of sharing experiment of each team and culture. To organize and plan the symposium well, we need some kind of information from you, iGEM participants. We would be really glad if you answer some questions attached below. This is just for ask some questions to help plan the symposium. It won’t be used privately or illegally at all.
1. Are you incliened to participate in this Asia regional symposium? *
2. What kind of topics do you want to discuss? *
please write down freely what do you want to discuss about. ex) 1. The contovercial topics related Bio ethics. 2. the responsibility of science technology as a future scienc
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3. Do you expect or plan to do any collaboration work with other team, if you have any chance to meet foregin countries' participants in Korea?
if you answer yes, pls write down specific activities you hope to do . I would be really thank you for you
4. We are planning to make a tour session, a day after finish the academic symposium. Are you interest in it or not?
5. What kind of tourism attraction do you want to visit in Korea, If we make a Tour program?
6. If we open Asia reginal symposium, It will held during summer vacation term. More specifically, when do you prefer to come if you can join the symposium?
7 How much do you expect to spend while you stay in Korea including flight and accomodation fee[Please write it down in USD $]?
We might able to support you a kind of discount promotion for flight or hostels. but we cannot assusre it now because we don't know how many people can join this program. Your answer will help us reach out for asking help to get some supports and promotions.
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8. What kind of accomodations do you want to stay, if you stay in korea for this Symposium?
9. If you have more ideas or questions for Asia regional symposium, feel free to write down the box below
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